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Banking for Main Street, Not Wall Street

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The Alliance for Democracy sponsors three local organizations working on city/region public bank projects.

In Washington, DC the DC Public Banking Center works on building support for a city bank supporting economic and community development. Find out more here.

In Boston, Public Banking activists...
...have participated in Tax Day programs and roundtable discussions on what should be done in the Boston area to promote economic justice.
...have presented workshops to local groups.
...have written fact sheets on how municipalities and community banks can benefit from public bank partnership.
Connect with these efforts at

Portland OR's Alliance for Democracy has begun a program, the Portland Public Bank Alliance, in support of public banking for that city by holding educational events and talking to candidates for city council. Find out more here or contact chapter president David Delk at davidafd (at) ymail (dot) com. For links to these three initiatives on social media, see the sidebar.


DC Public Banking Center
Public Banking Institute Portland Public Bank Alliance

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Banking on New Jersey

Video from Populist Dialogues:
"Ellen Brown: Escaping the Great Recession With Public Banking
Ellen Hodgson Brown, author of The Web of Debt and founder of the Public Banking Institute, discusses the advantages of public banking in the United States and around the world. She reviews how money is created, how the Federal Reserve was created, various types of public banks and how their are structured, why some nations have escaped the Great Recession, how America could save its postal service, how public banking institution could be used as a land bank to address the under-water property and foreclosure problems. First broadcast 11-11-12.

This video is available to air on your local community access station. See this post on our blog for more information.

Audio from "Corporations and Democracy"
Listen here  (right-click to download)
Dan Hamburg, Mendocino County Supervisor, and John Avalos, of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors, talk about the campaign to bring public banking to Mendocino County, San Francisco and elsewhere in California, including broader discussions on how government and civic-minded entities should invest their money, democratic control of banking, and the ins and outs of charter government. Tom Wodetzki hosts from the KZYX Philo studio. First broadcast on 6-25-2013.

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Follow the DC Public Banking Center, Portland Alliance for Democracy's Portland Public Bank Alliance, and Hub Public Banking on Facebook and Twitter for links to the latest news about public banking, democratizing finance, and creating new development initiatives to grow local economies and meet the needs of the 99% for food, housing and jobs.

DC Public Banking Center
Portland Public Bank Alliance on Facebook

Hub Public Banking on Twitter


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