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Upcoming Justice Rising looks at basic economic/environmental justice issues
The next issue of our publication, Justice Rising, will be examining efforts to take back food production and regulation from multinationals and agribusiness. Check out back issues of Justice Rising here. If you'd like to get a complimentary copy of any issue, please contact the office at 781-894-1179.

After NYC? Resources and media on climate and corporate rule

Now is the moment to seize the day to converge and build a movement of movements for people, planet and peace over profit.  In New York, Alliance for Democracy was represented by past and present national council members Nancy Price, Ruth Caplan, and Lou and Pat Hammann, as well as national coordinator Barbara Clancy.

They joined almost 400,000 people marching together in the most colorful assemblage of diverse groups, messages, music and chants. As reported, people in 162 countries in more than 2,600 rallies and marches took to the streets to demand action on climate as time runs out to lower green-house gas emissions, end our dependence on dirty carbon fuels, expose “false solutions,” and save ourselves and the earth from disaster.

You’ve probably listened and read many reports, but here are some particularly inspiring statements to read, watch, and share:
A movement to stop climate change needs both mass mobilizations and direct action. Be on the lookout for worldwide actions like October's Global Frackdown, or national events like the recent Week of Action against Fast Track. Organize locally to let your members of Congress know this is an issue of concern to you, and to build a base if you think you should take stronger local action, like passage of a TPP-Free Zone ordinance.