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The Latest News...

New "Populist Dialogues" on TPP, corporate personhood
Portland AfD's "Populist Dialogues" series has new shows online, including an interview with Marty Hart-Landsberg on trade, globalization and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and David Cobb on amending the Constitution to end corporate personhood. More here.

Justice Rising concludes "Money in Democracy" with a look at DC's revolving door
Due out in October, the final issue of Justice Rising's series on "Money in Politics" will look at the concept of "money power" and how it amplifies the voice of a corporate elite in government. More here.

Mendocino celebrates the 4th and ballot success
AfD members joined the Mendocino 4th of July parade, calling attention to corporate personhood and celebrating a successful petition drive to get an amendment resolution on the county ballot for November. More here.

Corporate Supreme Court Justices at Portland Pride
AfD Portland and Move to Amend/Portland marched in this year's Gay Pride Parade as the "Corporate Supreme Court"--video here.

AfD organizer speaks on democratizing the economy
Ruth Caplan, AfD vice co-chair and head of our Defending Water for Life campaign, was part of a panel discussion on participatory budgeting, racial inequality and local development this month in New York, as part of an international conference on participatory budgeting in the US and Canada. More here.

Portland OR activists strengthen new city resolution against corporate personhood
Members of Move to Amend, Alliance for Democracy, and Occupy Portland worked with the mayor's office to strengthen resolution language, with most suggestions accepted and Mayor Sam Adams acknowledging the work of AfD/MTA members David Delk, Donna Noonan and Jeff Stookey. More here.

"A Declaration of Indignation"
Gettysburg PA activists will be putting this ad in their local paper as part of Occupy the Courts.

Occupy the Courts!
Read about AfD participation in actions in Bangor ME, Boston MA, and Portland, OR.

Maine towns vote in "Local Food and Self Governance Ordinance" to protect and grow farm to table economies. More here.

Older News is Still Good News!
Read Corporate Personhood, Corporate Rule, and Citizens United posts on the AfD blog.

"The issue is not the issues. The issue is the system."
Our founder, Ronnie Dugger, said that almost twenty years ago, and it's still true: behind every pressing issue, from global hunger to climate change to growing economic inequality in the US, the problem behind the problem is the overwhelming influence of major corporations on government and policy-making.

We can't have a sustainable energy policy when the oil, gas, and coal industries demand big subsidies and few regulations, all in the name of increasing their short-term profits. We can't eradicate hunger when global develop emphasizes export economies in the global south and the production of cheap and unhealthy calories at home. And we can't count on our "representatives" in Congress to deliver much in the way of reform to us when so many of them owe their jobs to the big campaign contributions that industry, multinationals, and the corporate elite provide them.

That's why as we work on the issues that most effect our communities we need to keep an eye on the twin beasts in the background: corporate personhood and corporate rule. AfD has always put corporate rule at the center of its campaigns, whether it's working with towns to pass "rights-based" ordinances to protect water, promoting alternative development systems, "being the media" or organizing for single payer health care. 

Campaign coordinators:

Move to Amend Liaison
Nancy Price
nancytprice39 [at] gmail [dot] com
Corporate Globalization and Positive Alternatives
Ruth Caplan
Washington, DC
rcaplan [at] igc [dot] org

Dave Lewit, dlewit [at] igc [dot] org

Current campaigns and areas of focus:

We are an executive committee member organization of Move to Amend, a national coalition working to amend the Constitution to take constitutional rights back from corporations. Locally, AfD members are organizing to pass city level resolutions condemning corporate access to constitutional rights, and chapters are working on establishing local Move to Amend affiliates, or working with their local affiliates, on passing local resolutions against corporate personhood and for a constitutional amendment to restrict constitutional rights to human persons, and to end the legal fiction that money equals speech.

Local Ordinances:  At the grassroots level, local communities are passing "rights-based" ordinances which deny corporations Constitutional protections of corporate personhood as a matter of law.  These local laws directly challenge settled law created by U.S. Supreme Court decisions giving corporations constitutional rights as if they were real people. These ordinances are essential to build the resistance needed and the grassroots movement to pass an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to deny corporate constitutional rights..

The Alliance's Defending Water for Life campaign worked with Barnstead NH to pass the first rights-based ordinance in the country to ban corporations from taking water, denied corporations constitutional rights, and declared the town has the fundamental right to self-governance.  It is the "Barnstead Water Rights and Local Self-Government Ordinance."  The story was told in Yes! magazine.

Two years later the people of Barnstead amended the ordinance in town meeting to further declare that nature has rights and that Barnstead would protect the rights of natural systems and local ecosystems to thrive.

Today four towns in New Hampshire and two in Maine have passed similar water ordinances. Other communities have taken the rights-based model as an inspiration for their own ordinances protecting local farm-to-table economies in the face of increasing pressure from government for small farmers to conform to costly regulations written with agribusiness in mind.

For more on local rights-based ordinances denying corporate constitutuional rights, including ordinances passed in Pittsburgh PA and Wales NY to ban fracking for natural gas, go to www.celdf.org

The Latest Video...

David Delk, Portland AfD, on the South Korea FTA

Move to Amend's David Cobb on Corporate Personhood and Vermont's state-level resolution to end it

Karen Coulter on corporate personhood

The Story of Stuff Project's "Story of Citizens United"

Archived News: