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Upcoming Convention - June 7-10, 2002!

The American Emergency - Democracy or Fascism?

As a visitor to this website, you're invited to come to the
Alliance for Democracy's 5th Convention -
June 7-10 in Gettysburg, PA

The American Emergency - Democracy or Fascism?

Every two years Alliance members gather in a democratic convention for many activities, including

  • hearing from local chapters and members about what they've been doing
  • meeting in workshops to learn and plan with each other
  • hearing from inspiring speakers
  • shaping current national action campaigns and considering new ones, and to
  • consider resolutions and elect the Council that keeps the Alliance running between Conventions.

This year's convention theme, The American Emergency-Democracy or Fascism?, reflects our members' deep concern over recent developments in the areas of civil liberties, voters' rights and establishing a truly democratic electoral system, militarism and the new nuclear threat, and the forces that operate US policies behind-the-scenes.

At the same time the convention and the Alliance will continue to focus on root causes--campaign reform and political bribery, corporate globalization, and the structure of the corporation itself. We'll hear back from Alliance campaigns in these areas, and participate in working out future activities and actions.

The Gettysburg convention will feature groundbreaking speakers and authors such as Greg Palast (The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) and Marjorie Kelly (The Divine Right of Capital) .

If you're concerned about the current crisis situation-what it means for us here in the U.S. and what it means for the world-and about how we can change the underlying system that's brought us to this point, please consider Joining the Alliance and coming to this Alliance convention.

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