About the Campaign For Public Funding Of All Federal Elections

The Alliance believes the development of a full public funding system is the crucial domestic reform of our age and that the achievement of such a system will dramatically improve the health of our democracy -- a democracy that is being smothered under the weight of large corporations and the private interests they embody.

The Alliance also believes that the achievement of public funding will not occur until campaign finance reform efforts are galvanized into a full-fledged reform movement. The tinder of public opinion as it relates to this issue is dry; we hope to help provide the sparks that will ignite public opinion by thoughtfully utilizing the established techniques of nonviolent direct action.

Nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, has always been the activating ingredient in all the great internal transformations of the American system. In the suffrage movement, the labor movement and the civil rights movement we learned that people of conscience can arouse public passion and transforms frozen social situations into dramatic triumphs for justice.

It is now clear that it is the missing ingredient in the fight for clean and fair elections. Whether it be through our Granny D or our Democracy Brigades Project, it is the ingredient the Alliance is now adding.