Clean Elections Chapter Survey

Chapter Survey on Clean Elections National Campaign

Dear Chapter Contact: At your next meeting, please read these questions to your members. To streamline this process, we’ve included several questions that only require your members to raise their hands. It should take about 30 minutes, with 2-3 minutes per question.

1) How many members are participating in this survey? (i.e. how many are at the meeting)?

2) How many members do you have in total? (Please explain how your chapter defines "member." Please use back of this sheet, if necessary.)

3) In addition to your local campaigns, the Alliance has four national campaigns, as you know:

Campaign for Clean Elections

Campaign Opposing Corporate Globalization and Promoting Positive Alternatives

Campaign to Transform the Nature of the Corporation

Campaign for Universal Health Care (single payer)

What are the three top campaigns, local or national, that your chapter is currently working on?

Local 1. 2. 3.

National 1. 2. 3.

4) If your local issues could be integrated into the national Clean Elections campaign, would your chapter consider making Clean Elections your chapter’s primary national campaign for 2001? ___Yes ___No

5) Of the following eight issues, please check those which most interest your chapter:

Biotechnology/genetic engineering

Environmental justice

Globalization/corporate domination

Health care

Human rights



Poverty/wealth gap/economic justice

6) How many members would be willing to organize a Clean Elections action in your hometown or state (e.g., a Democracy Brigade at your state capital or a high-dollar fund raising event)?

Please check the action(s) that interest your chapter (for full descriptions, see Plans for 2001):

___participating in an End Bribery Brigade (alias Democracy Brigade) in Washington D.C.

___organizing an End Bribery Brigade at your state capitol

___participating in Granny D’s March Against Bribery in Washington D.C.

___participating in Conflict of Interest Interventions

___as people who speak up at hearings, meetings, etc.

___in the op-ed & phone-in campaign

___distributing booklet on Political Bribery in America

___working with the Pro-Democracy Campaign to support the Voters’ Bill of Rights (see enclosed leaflet)

___other (Please describe)

7) If the chapter as a whole does not want to adopt the Clean Money-Clean Election campaign, are there individual members that may be interested in providing leadership for the campaign locally?

Please list their names, phone numbers, email addresses and areas of interest on the back of this sheet, or simply check CHAPTER if your chapter as a whole is interested.


8) What are three things the Alliance national office could provide to help you work on the issue of campaign finance corruption (e.g. materials, training, workshop, visits/speakers, action ideas, conference, organizing manual, projects)?

1. 2. 3.

9) What are the biggest organizing challenges that your chapter faces (e.g. recruitment, retention, fundraising, campaigns)?

10) From the list of four strategies below, circle your chapter’s primary area of expertise, and check those that you’d like to try:

Legislative (lobbying Congress)

Creative Action/Civil Disobedience/Protests

Electoral (organizing district/precinct campaigns)

Public Education and Outreach

11) What skills, services, expertise, experience or other forms of assistance could your members offer the Clean Elections national campaign (graphic design, theater, teaching, media, writing/editing, computers, etc.)?

12) Please list any local organizations with whom you already have a working relationship that you think might be interested in collaborating with your chapter on Clean Elections actions in 2001:

Thank you again for taking the time to complete this survey. Please send it to:

Jim Ace

Alliance for Democracy

681 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02451

Ph: 781-894-1179 Fax: 781-894-0279