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Ohio's GOP Attorney General Launches Revenge Attack on Election Protection Legal Team Arnebeck says AG and Blackwell stonewalled election challenge legal proceedings by refusing to submit evidence or allow discovery. "Their cage has been rattled and they popped their cork," Arnebeck said about the call for sanctions and fine

Alliance Victory in U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has apparently decided a nonprofit arm of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce that aired TV ads attacking an Ohio Supreme Court justice in 2000 is a "political action committee."

Startling new revelations at Congressional field hearing on Ohio voting

Free Press 12-13-04
Reps. John Conyers & Maxine Waters joined Jesse Jackson today for hearing in Columbus Ohio. Affidavits gathered for lawsuit filed today show Republicans undermining and suppressing Democratic votes. Free Press gives details
Cliff Arnebeck & Jesse Jackson Testify at Conyers Hearing Cliff Arnebeck joined Rev. Jesse Jackson on a panel speaking at unofficial hearing held by Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 8. Violation of the civil rights of African Americans to have their vote counted was highlighted.

AfD Co-chair Arnebeck Plans to File Court Challenge on Wednesday NYT 12-6-04
Arnebeck, who is filing the request on behalf of 25 Ohio voters, will demonstrate widespread irregularities and fraud in the heavily Republican counties surrounding Cincinnati.

Conyers to Hold "Members' Briefing" Wed. 10 AM on Ohio Vote Fraud--AfD Co-chair Arnebeck to Testify Truthout Report 12-3-04
Members briefing, in lieu of formal hearing opposed by Republicans on House Judiciary Committee, will investigate allegations of vote fraud and irregularities in Ohio. Conyers is ranking miniority on Judiciary.
Kerry supports a "full investigation" into voting irregularities in Ohio says Jesse Jackson Columbus Free Press 11-28-04
Jackson spoke with Kerry who said he conceded the race on the morning after Election Day because "originally, he was inclined to believe what he was told" about the results.
Jesse Jackson Demands Removal of Blackwell Columbus Free Press 11-29-04
Jesse Jackson demands Ohio presidential recount, blasts GOP election officials, and says Kerry supports the process
How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush 11-22-04
Bob Fitrakis provides details of voter irregularities in Ohio voting, including possible key "in unraveling a deliberate and unprecedented plan to repress African American and poor central city voters."
AfD to File Lawsuit Contesting Ohio Presidential Election Results THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH 11-20-04

AfD and Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections in Ohio announced plans yesterday to file lawsuit.
"The objective is to get to the truth," stated Cliff Arnebeck AfD attorney and co-chair.

Ohio election to be challenged Akron Beacon Journal/AP 11-20-04

Lawyers documenting Ohio election problems will challenge results as soon as vote is official. AfD attorney Cliff Arnebeck says "The objective is to get to the truth."

Read testimony on The Free Press website
AfD Part of Coalition Probing Ohio Voting Problems Los Angeles Times 11/13/04

AfD joins with Citizens Alliance for Secure Elections, the League of Young Voters and the People for the American Way Foundation in holding public hearings in Ohio to investigate voter irregularities and voter suppressi

AfD Challenges Corporate Gifts in Ohio Supreme Court Races Plain Dealer 10/29/04

"For the last four years, Arnebeck has been trying to identify the sources of millions of dollars he says corporations have "laundered" through CSO in an effort to elect Republican judges to the Supreme Court.

4 Justices Recuse Selves. Judges Cite Influence of Chamber's Ads Blade Columbus Bureau 11-9-04

"It's an appearance problem," said Clifford Arnebeck, attorney for Alliance for Democracy, whose complaints led to the elections commission rulings.

Ohio legislature considers campaign reform Columbus Dispatch 11-5-04

Cliff Arnebeck, representing the Alliance for Democracy, said passage of Senate Bill 214 would have blocked "over $3 million in illegal corporate advertising" in the Supreme Court races.