Ronnie Dugger Message About Sept. 11th

Waltham, Mass. September 17, 2001

Dear Fellow Alliants in this new Human Emergency:

Six years ago we started our work together to end domination of our country and the world by gigantic corporations and corporate-driven militarism and violence

Last December these very forces, acting through a presidential candidacy and a corrupt 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court, discontinued our presidential election and seized the presidency. In three days we lost our hold on our venerable American Republic. Since then the beneficiaries of that historically scandalous seizure have organized an illegal government, unilaterally abandoned international arms control, gutted the government's revenues, prepared to gut Social Security, and launched a deceitful crusade for military control of the world with weapons circling in space under the cover of "missile defense."

Last Tuesday mass murderers turned our loaded airliners into weapons of mass destruction and slaughtered more than 5,000 of our fellow citizens. On Friday Mr. Bush declared "we're at war" although Congress, the only constitutional source for such a declaration, has not declared war and we have no proof as yet that there's any nation guilty of September 11th to declare war against.

In this emergency, in this new world, we of the Alliance for Democracy must focus sharply back now onto our common dedication and labor for economic justice, deep democracy, freedom from domination by large corporations and their lackeys, and solidarity with the human race.

Our funding needs, suddenly, are acute. We need your help, really, now, financially, more than we ever have before. We are determined our country will not answer mass murder with mass murder. We are determined our people will democratize our economy and make our country a leader and model for economic justice and independent self-governance around the world.

We have never needed each other more, and our country has never needed us more, before. Please give now as generously as you can.Thank you, and God save justice and our country. In hope and action,

Ronnie Dugger