A Selection of Statements and Thoughts on September 11th...

"We should take our example not from our military and political leaders
shouting "retaliate" and "war" but from the doctors and nurses and
medical students and firemen and policemen who have been saving lives in
the midst of mayhem, whose first thoughts are not violence, but healing,
not vengeance but compassion." Howard Zinn

"I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent
action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the
nation and people in the long run. I believe violence will only increase
the cycle of violence. But how do we deal with hatred and anger, which
are often the root causes of such senseless violence?" The Dalai Lama

"Can anything curtail the carnage of capital, the carnage of terrorism,
and the carnage of repressive reaction? Our best hope is to win
institutional change that reduces profit-seeking and political
subordination, while also reducing desires to lash out with mindless and
inhumane terrorism." Michael Albert, Z Magazine

"We have a profound opportunity not only to investigate 'who' and 'how;
this was done, but also-more importantly-'why' it was done. We may not
be able to consider it today-the pain, the hurt, the suffering and the
anger are too great-but maybe in our tomorrows. When we have the answer
to 'why,' then we will be better able to work toward the day when such
tragedies will never happen again." Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.

"The United States is a country that believed itself not just at peace
but war-proof, a self-perception that would come as quite a surprise to
most Iraqis, Palestinians and Colombians. Like an amnesiac, the U.S. has
woken up in the middle of a war, only to find out it has been going on
for years." Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

"Where did bin Laden go to terrorist school? At the CIA! Don't take my
word for it-I saw a piece on MSNBC last year that laid it all out. When
the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan, the CIA trained him and his
buddies in how to commit acts of terrorism against the Soviet forces. It
worked! The Soviets turned and ran. Bin Laden was grateful for what we
taught him and thought it might be fun to use those same techniques
against us. We abhor terrorism-unless we're the ones doing the
terrorizing." Michael Moore, film maker-activist

“This is not an attack on U.S. citizens but an assault on U.S. foreign
policy. The administration is trying to tell Americans that we are all
targets. This is being done to draw attention away from the real
targets: World Trade and U.S. militarism... If you were to draw a flow
chart tracing every terrorist attack against the United States back
through every foreign alliance, military mutual aid pact, joint military
exercise, bloody political coup, intrigue and tacit alliance, the lines
would generally flow back to one common factor. Oil.” Gar Smith, Earth
Island Journal

"The United Muslim Americans Association and the Islamic Association for
Palestine call for the immediate capture of the perpetrators. We believe
that there could be no justification for committing such evil acts. We
extend our condolences on behalf of the Muslim community to the families
of all victims. We call upon our officials, security agencies and media
not to rush to judgment and start accusing Muslims, Arabs or
Palestinians. Our community should not be collectively punished,
discriminated against or stereotyped for any crazy and terrorist acts."

"War against whom? Cooler heads must prevail in the U.S. government
during this time of crisis. War will only compound the tremendous
assault on humanity that has already occurred. War is not the answer.
The people who committed these acts struck with hatred...They denied the
humanity of their victims. The U.S. must not commit the same sin by
compounding the hatred, violence and injustice of these attacks with its
own acts of terror and war against another people, most of whom are
innocent of these crimes."
Friends Committee on National Legislation

A Time/CNN poll (I believe) reported on during the Crossfire program on
CNN on September 14th, indicated that the U.S. public is essentially
split 50/50 on this question: would you support massive bombing that led
to civilian casualties? The percentages reported were 48% yes, 46% no.

"If God is on our side, he'll stop the next war." Bob Dylan