Fact sheet: "Free Trade of the Americas No Thanks! Ya Basta!"
noimage "FTAA Means Corporate Control from Pole to Pole" --   Starhawk

It's been called "Nafta for the Western Hemisphere," but the FTAA is more than that.  NAFTA and the WTO agreements form the foundation on which the FTAA negotiators hope to build a firm structure of corporate-led globalization at the expense of environmental protection, workers' livelihoods, human rights, and democratic governance.

While the FTAA draft text is still secret, we know it will cover investment and services -- incorporating as much of the failed MAI as possible and putting more pressure on the privatization of public services.  We also know the U.S. wants to retain the highly controversial investor-to-state provision in NAFTA which allows corporations to protect their profits, even future profits, by suing national governments directly.

The trade ministers are meeting to discuss the FTAA in Buenos Aires on April 6 in preparation for the meeting by the heads of state in Quebec City April 20-22.  President Bush has made the FTAA with fast track authority a top priority. He'll soon learn it is our priority too! Here are some ways to raise a commotion.

Come to Quebec City and let freedom ring.  The 2.4 mile perimeter of concrete barricades topped by chain link fencing around the ministerial meeting will not stop our voices. Watch Alliance Announce and our website www.thealliancefordemocracy.org  for details regarding Alliance activities.

The Hemispheric Social Alliance is holding events starting April 16 culminating in an International Day of Action permitted rally on Saturday.  For details in English go to www.sommetdespeuples.org/en  Register to attend these sessions on the website. Space is limited so mention that AfD is a member of HSA.

CLAC, the Anti-capitalist Convergence from Montreal, is organizing a Carnival Against Capitalism including teach-ins,  workshops, concerts, cabarets, street theater, direct actions. Details at <www.a20.org>

Join women who will be weaving a web of solidarity around the barricades and around the city on April 19.

For up-to-date information on housing, border crossing, etc., go to www.stopftaa.org

Hemispheric Day of Action Sat. April 21 Can't get to Quebec City?  Plan a demonstration for April 21, the Hemispheric Day of Action, with other local organizations.  For information about what is going on in your area: on the West Coast, contact Nancy Price 530-758-0726 ntprice@juno.org ; on the East Coast, contact Mike Morrill 610-775-4914  mwmorrill@aol.com ; and in the middle, contact Stevie Miller 317-872-3516 jackandstef@earthlink.net

******   National All-Call Days to Protest FTAA   ******

Thurs. March 22 Call-in to Congress and the USTR We'll be pushing to get the FTAA text released when the trade ministers meet April 7 and to protest the assault on labor, environment and democratic rights. Watch for details on Alliance Announce.

Wed. April 18 FTAA Summit Call-in We'll be giving the U.S. delegation to Quebec City a royal send-off with calls to key officials and members of Congress.  Watch for details on Alliance Announce.