Corporate  Accountability

Dear Alliance Chapters:

At its January 2000 meeting, the national council endorsed a joint effort with the Stakeholder Alliance to press for full corporate accountability in accordance with the Sunshine Standards for Corporate Reporting to Stakeholders. (The standards, as well as information on the Stakeholder Alliance, can be reviewed at ( .) The Stakeholder Alliance strategy and Sunshine Standards were subsequently incorporated into the Alliance’s Transforming the Corporation Campaign, which I chair.

Ralph Estes, founder of the Stakeholder Alliance, addressed the plenary session of the Davis convention on "Corporate Accountability: An Indispensable Tool for Economic Democracy" and also conducted a workshop on organizing for corporate accountability using an Alliance for Democracy/Stakeholder Alliance "toolkit" for social activists. A listing of the toolkits' contents is attached.

Because the convention's reaction to the toolkit was quite enthusiastic, a copy will be provided free for your chapter on request. Just send a note to Ralph (e-mail: <>; fax: 202-387-7915; street address: The Stakeholder Alliance, 733 15th St., NW, Suite 1020, Washington, DC 20005). Please copy the Alliance national office.

According to Ralph, not only are you free but you are encouraged to copy components of the toolkit at will. You are also invited to adopt or adapt the sample op-eds for submission to your community's or campus newspapers. Ralph Estes generously adds, "sign your own name if you like."

We urge you to consider adding a corporate accountability campaign to your chapter's program, to use and improve the toolkit. And please forward to Ralph at the e-mail address above and, for our Alliance publications, to <>, news of such campaigns and information on what works and what doesn't. The AfD national office will share this information, particularly the successes, with all chapters.

As Ralph says, corporate accountability to stakeholders will not solve all of the problems of the big-corporate system, but it will prevent a good proportion of the abuses that now occur, will empower grassroots stakeholders to effectively challenge the corporation for its misbehavior, and is essential to all other campaigns concerned with corporate reform and corporate transformation.

In a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism that the people, doing the necessary research and action and working together, can tame the corporate beast, I am, as always,

In alliance,

 Ronnie Dugger