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Alliance for Democracy:
Health Care Action Group
Rick LaMonica, Chair

A.  Alliance for Democracy,
Health Care Action Group
      (1) Health Care Workshops at the Alliance for Democracy Convention 2002
Civil Disobedience at U.S. Capitol
      (3) National Action Campaign / July 14, 2000
     (4) a.Progress Report of 8/7/99
       b. Progress Report of 11/16/99
   (4) Seattle Workshop: WTO           threat to Universal Health Care    
    (5) GATS: In Whose Service?

B.  Organizational Links

C.  Health Care Philosophy and history

D.  Current directions and legislation efforts
   (1) Universal Health Service Act (HR 3000)
  (2) It is Time for Real Health Care Reform
NEW  (3) The Corporate Model has Failed

E.  Join the effort - sign our legislative Petition

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The Alliance  for  Democracy believes that a universal health care system is absolutely necessary for true democracy to exist and thrive.

The physical well being of our citizens is for sale, a product for the market place to bid on or reject, an object which is subject to the whim of profitability.     Only when wellness for everyone becomes a national objective can democracy be vouchsafed.

The purpose of this site  is to make available to our citizenry information on the vast body of knowledge available about Universal Health Care,  provide paths for communication among constituents and inform everyone of actions  which can be taken toward establishing Universal Health Care for all.

We seek the creation of a Universal health care (single payer) delivery system in the United States where all persons will be entitled to a basic, essential; and equitable level of medical and ancillary treatment that will assist in keeping everyone in a reasonable state of health.  We are convinced that such a goal can only be achieved through federal and/or state legal mandate, by a delivery system free of corporate domination, by service providers motivated primarily by  desire to provide effective and needed services, delivered to a populace committed to living in a healthy environment.

Alliance for Democracy
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