Alliance discussion groups online

The Alliance for Democracy has two list-serves.  The-alliance (all) list is for general discussion of topics relevant to the AfD mission that anyone (who is subscribed) may post to using the address:   Discussion volume varies (approx. 2 per day) and covers multiple AfD topics.

The-alliance-announce (ann) list is for official announcements only, and posting is limited to Council members, the heads of Action Development Groups, and the designated email contacts of local chapters (who also must be subscribed to post).  The address is: (volume is usually less than 5 per week).

Subscription information

Subscriptions to the announce list are made by sending a blank message to:    Please remember that unless your are a designated AfD member as described above, you will only be receiving announcements on the announce list and not sending or replying to them.  If you have a relevant announcement that you feel should be sent officially, please send it to an officer in the AfD or to your regional AfD representative.

Subscriptions to the discussion list are made in the same way, except that the word, 'announce,' is eliminated.  Send a blank message to:

If using multiple addresses, all email addresses that you wish to to send or receive messages from will need to be subscribed.

Unsubscribing is done in a similar fashion, substituting 'unsubscribe' for 'subscribe'.

Some of the advantages over the older lists:

Subscribers may choose whether to receive the postings by individual e-mail messages, in daily digests, or reading them on the web site: at and .

They may also subscribe, unsubscribe, or post messages on the web site.

They may also view the messages in archive form, by date, thread, or author. If they register on the web site and obtain passwords, they may also view the archives of, and/or join, a large number of other lists on a wide variety of subjects.

Messages should be posted normally i.e. <>. All message will appear in the archives on the topica web site, as well as in the e-mail boxes of subscribers who choose to receive them that way.

If you need help, please contact the lists' manager, Stevie Miller, at:

We encourage everyone to join both discussion lists!!