Political Bribery In The U.S.A

A 48 page booklet. View and print the booklet now.

How Corporations and the Wealthy buy Power and What We Can Do to Stop Them.

By Randy Kehler
With research assistance from Public Campaign.


A Change That Makes Other Changes Possible

This booklet is about how giant corporations and wealthy individuals buy political power and influence -- and how politicians sell it to them. But to simply call this pernicious phenomenon "the buying and selling of political power and influence" makes it sound almost legitimate, like the buying and selling of soap or automobiles. In fact, what we're talking aobut here is political bribery -- how it got started and became the controlling characteristic of our political system -- and what we can do to stop it.

View and print the booklet to find out how to stop Political Bribery In The U.S.A.

Political Bribery Booklet For Viewing & Printing
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Political Bribery Booklet - Quality Printing
Available in PDF (printable) format
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