Gettysburg Convention

The American Emergency: Democracy or Fascism

4th National Convention at Gettysburg College on June 7 – 10, 2002. 

The crisis facing corporate America is extremely deep, and unfortunately the only response to it from the Bush administration is to focus on war.  Clearly we are approaching an urgent crossroads in history.  Either democracy will prevail, which will require an immense rekindling of social interaction, face to face organizing and the re-assumption of individual rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and constituted in the Bill of Rights, or plutocracy, assumed in the name of national security and enforced in the manner of police states through history, will engulf us.  The Alliance for Democracy is just that, an alliance for democracy, and with your help, together, we will fight on to defend the dream that animates our lives.                                                                                              Nick Biddle, Executive Coordinator


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