Local Resolutions: Don't Trade Away Our Democracy
MA AFL-CIO Resolution At its annual convention, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO unanimously passed a resolution in support of the MA legislature's Globalization Impact Bill, adding to the momentum created when the Boston City Council passed a resolution favoring the bill.
Trade Victory in Boston Boston City Council passes resolution on global trade. Boston Cambridge Alliance key to success.
Austin TX Trade Resolution On October 31, Austin Tx City Council passed a far reaching resolution on global trade covering services, investment and government procurement and calling for all negotiating documents to be available to state and local officials.
Pointers on Getting Local Resolutions Passed Here are some suggestions for steps to follow in getting a local resolution passed by your town/city council. Also see model local resolutions MA resolutions on this page and FTAA resolutions on FTAA page.
Model Resolution-Short This is the short version of the model state and local resolution "Don't Trade Away Our Democracy."
Model Resolution-Detailed This model resolution covers services, investment and government procurement. It can be used as a tool in educating public officials. Parts or all of it can also be used as resolution language.
Trade Letter for Public Officials This is a sign-on letter for local and state officials to send to President Bush expressing concern about the impact of trade and investment agreements on their law-making authority.
MA Bill on Trade Bill introduced by Rep. Byron Rushing (H.2119) in MA legislature to create a a state commission to monitor local impacts of global trade agreements and recommend when provisions of such agreements should not be supported by the state.