Learning More About GATS
noimage To get up to speed on GATS, here are some very useful resources.
In Whose Service? GATS and the FTAA This 32 page booklet explains key issues, defines terms, describes impact in specific sectors, and provides contacts/resources. Can be ordered as single copy or in bulk from Alliance office: Peoplesall@aol.com
Facing the Facts: A Guide to the GATS Debate This 134-page book by Scott Sinclair and Jim Grieshaber-Otto of the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives can be downloaded as a pdf file. It is a must read for going beyond the "In Whose Service" booklet.
The 2001 GATS Negotiations: the Political Challenge Ahead Paper written by Ellen Gould who is one of the world's leading experts on GATS.
Thirst for Control: New Rules in the Global Water Grab This 79 page book by Steve Shrybman for the Council of Canadians is a must read for anyone concerned about how trade and investment agreements can impact our right to drinking water. Downloadable as a PDF file.
Our Communities Are Not For Sale A 22-page pamphlet detailing privatization battles in six sectors: Education, Health Care, Public Housing, Welfare, Prisons, and Water. Plus an update on global trade agreeements. Produced by UFE and the Institute for Policy Studies. (PDF, 1.2 MB)
GATS List Serves If you want to keep abreast of GATS developments, there are some specialized list serves available.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has published special reports on GATS in relation to Canadian postal services and health care, as well as the GATS guide "Facing the Facts."
ENRON: Washington's Number One Behind-the-Scenes GATS Negotiator This article written by Tony Clarke of the Polaris Institute in Canada points to the power wielded by ENRON during its heyday.
GATSWatch Website This website maintained by Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute is a key resource for GATS campaigners around the globe.
International Gender and Trade Network website IGTN's economic literacy pages cover GATS issues including healthcare, education and tourism from a gender perspective. The site also has material on the WTO and FTAA.
Council of Canadians Blue Planet Project The Council of Canadians sponsored a global conference "Water for People and Nature" in Vancouver, Canada, in July 2001 where this Declaration of a Plan of Action to Protect the Global Water Commons was adopted.