Always mindful of globalization and global conditions, we must rebuild our local economies for local people and their friends, not for absentee shareholders. Alliance people are contacting local businesspersons, local union and co-op leaders, local elected officials, and people in all walks of life. We have visited Brazil where currently cities successfully involve tens of thousands of ordinary citizens in making and monitoring the city budget. We are experimenting with re-visioning and reconnecting our communities, and invite you to consult with us to help your local people remodel their local systems.

Participatory Democracy in Porto Alegre David Lewit describes the budgeting process in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, based on participatory democacy at the neighborhood level.
Developing a People's World Economy In a Karl Polanyi lecture given in Mexico City in Nov. 2001, Dave Lewit describes alternatives to corporate globalization, including the CAIS, and discusses the paths such a transformation could take.