FTAA Documents-Official Release After insistent demands from activists throughout the Western Hemisphere that the FTAA draft be released, the official draft full of bracketed text was released following the Quebec City protests.
Briefing on FTAA and Alternatives Briefing to Hill staff on the FTAA and alternatives developed by the Hemispheric Social Alliance, presented 4/9/01 by Ruth Caplan, Alliance for Democracy.
Critique of U.S. Summary Position on Services in FTAA In the last month of the Clinton Administration, the USTR released a summary of the U.S. position on the FTAA . The Alliance prepared a critique of the U.S. Summary Position on Services.
Competing Visions for the Hemisphere: The Official FTAA Draft vs. the Alternatives for the Americans The Hemispheric Social Alliance has worked over several years to prepare an alternative vision to the FTAA which represents a consensus among HSA members throughout the hemisphere. This chart provides an excellent summary of the contrasts.
FTAA & Threat to Social Programs, Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Maude Barlow's long, excellent article, "The FTAA and the Threat to Social Programs, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Justice in Canada and the Americas."
Resources for Organizing & Education on the FTAA
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