Meeting on Water – August 22

The corporatization of water is happening much faster than we realize.  Citizens must begin to wrestle with the issue over which billions of dollars will be made (Fortune magazine’s prediction) and wars will be fought (U.N. prediction) in the proximate future.   

About a year ago, a corporation called USA Springs purchased 100 acres of land straddling Nottingham and Barrington, New Hampshire (located @ 20 miles west of Portsmouth).  The land sits over the single aquifer supplying public water for both towns.  USA Springs has plans to pump 439, 200 gallons of water a day from the aquifer, bottle it, drive it to an airport and fly it to Europe for sale.

The people of Nottingham, Barrington and surrounding towns within the watershed district are more than alarmed, they're outraged, and they want to stop USA Springs Inc.  How to stop the corporation is the question.

Members of the Alliance for Democracy and interested individuals are getting together on August 22 to travel to Portsmouth, NH to listen to experts speak on water, politics and the law.  The speakers are Nancy Price from the Alliance for Democracy and one or two representatives from the Nottingham/Barrington resistance organization called Save Our Groundwater     (   They will present their ideas and mediate discussion on the question at the South Church on State Street in Portsmouth from 7 to 9 pm.

Many issues are in play in this situation, and they boil down to rights and obligations.  Who has the right to extract water from the ground for sale an ocean away?  When do the people who live on the land above that water have a right to stop this extraction?  What are the obligations of the state, the municipalities and the corporation to the people of these towns, and who has the most authority?  Is there such a thing as a common good or public resource that should be safeguarded for community sustainability?  
          People interested in joining the presentation in Portsmouth and helping to establish the people's right to control local public resources have several choices. They may meet and carpool from the
Town Hall in Lincoln, MA at 3:30 pm on Aug. 22.  Please contact Cynthia Ritsher ( for more information.  They may meet in front of South Church on State Street in Portsmouth at 5:30 where I'll be, and we'll eat something before the meeting.  Contact me ( for more information.  Or third, come to South Church at 7:00 pm, Aug. 22.  Contact me for information on getting to South Church.
          A final point: the Aug. 22 event is also a planning opportunity for the next Nottingham Planning Board meeting with USA Springs on September 11.  On Aug. 22, we will be organizing our efforts for that next legal forum for the battle to save our groundwater from corporate control.  Numbers are our greatest strength.  Please join us.

Nick Biddle
Executive Coordinator
Alliance for Democracy
781 894-1179