Prototype Letter to Editor, August 2002

Tom Wodetzki’s Letter to the Editor, Aug. 15, 2002

Tom hopes we will use his letter diversely, including that we cut his

name, phone #, etc. and send it under our own.


    If you're upset, like I am, by the direction Bush Incorporated is
taking us, perhaps it's time to let folks know about it. Write a letter to
the editor-- just even a few heartfelt lines-- to help influence public
opinion. And send it far and wide. Below is one I just pounded out, and
below that is a list of local and regional media email addresses and
government representatives. Email to all!
    Please don't sit by in silence.
        Tom Wodetzki, Alliance for Democracy

Dear editor;
    We in the Alliance for Democracy have for years been alerting
citizens about how giant corporations have gained control of our economy,
media, government and culture. Now it looks like their control has gotten
OUT OF CONTROL, from Enron and WorldCom to Afghanistan and Iraq. Help!
    Yes, help! Please help us get control back into the hands of "We,
the People," before the corporados pull off more billion dollar lootings,
wage more wars and further wreck our planet.
    The corporate elite and its conservative media have waged a 20-year
propaganda war, in the name of deregulation, privatization and corporate
globalization, against us, our government and the public sphere.
    Now we can see that all this free market propaganda was just a
smokescreen for the largest looting in world history, at home and abroad,
and has resulted in the richest 10% of Americans paying ever lower taxes
while now owning 90% of our wealth and 90% of our politicians.
    And if this massive corporate looting isn't bad enough, what about
our out of control president? His "war against terrorism" is terrorizing
the world. Mr. Bush is now willing to use nuclear weapons on a first strike
basis, has started production of a new generation of nuclear weapons, and
has abandoned the ABM treaty so he can build a "nuclear missile shield" and
plant weapons in space. Help!
    This year Bush will spend $400 billion of our tax dollars on the
military, more than the next 15 most militarized nations combined! Wouldn't
you prefer for that money to improve people's health, education,
environment and infrastructure?
    But your preference doesn't count and we're not a democracy as long
as corporate bucks dominate our elections. Please help the Alliance turn
this tragic situation around. Call me at 937-1113 for more information.
        Tom Wodetzki, Albion



    government representatives:,,,,,  (Strom-Martin)