noimage Seeing water as "Blue Gold," transnational corporations are positioning themselves for big profits in the U.S. and around the world. Bechtel, Vivendi, Suez and RWE are taking over local water companies and privatizing municipal water/sewer services. Bottled water companies are exploiting natural springs to bottle and sell water at a huge profit. Perrier, now owned by Nestle, has been buying up small local spring water companies in the U.S. Bulk water sales are being pursued as cities in the Southwest run short of municipal water. Corporations have proposed to pump water from under the Mojave Desert, from sensitive coastal California streams like the Albion and Gualala, and from the Ogallala aquifer which is already being drawn down faster than its recharge rate by farmers in the nation's breadbasket belt. Around the country citizens are organizing to stop the corporate water grab.
AfD Testimony, CA Coastal Commission AfD testimony on implications of trade agreements for water privatization at CA Coastal Commission hearing on Alaskan Water Exports proposed withdrawals from the Gualala & Albion Rivers. Commission voted unanimously to recommend rejection.