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The Alliance for Democracy has launched an exciting new program that we hope will generate a progressive-populist dialogue in America.  To start, Granny D, William Rivers Pitt, Ronnie Dugger and friends are now writing one single-page, double-sided flyer each week about pressing issues of the day.  We are calling ourselves the Freedom Flyer Collective.

We want you to join us because of your commitment to peace, free speech, civil liberties, civil rights, justice and democracy.  We have formed the Freedom Flyer Collective because we believe these standards of American life are under deadly attack.

What we are asking is your help in getting this flyer out into the streets where you live.  The idea is that if 100 people in 100 towns and cities do this we have the makings of a new communications system for the present crisis.  Since multinational corporations control the U.S. media, citizens aren’t getting the full story about anything.  They’re getting what is convenient to the corporations.  The Freedom Flyer Collective exists to fill the gaps.  Freedom Flyers speak to war, government hypocrisy, civil rights abuse, the shutting down of civil liberties, and corporate crime.  They also pose alternatives, describe solutions and outline strategies for using democracy to achieve peace, justice and prosperity.  

The Freedom Flyer can be a powerful tool for democracy with your help.  Of course, most Americans get their news from TV and USA Today.  Each Freedom Flyer seeks to pop the corporatist bubble.  We want to provoke fresh thinking, informed debate and free speech.  To do that, we need people to distribute the flyers in any of several ways.

William Rivers Pitt inspired this project when he described in a recent article how he periodically photocopies his writing and hands them out to passersby on his favorite street corner.  His experience is that people read what he gives them, return for more, and want to talk.  People are hungry for information with brains and teeth, but they don’t know where to get it, or how.

We are living an American emergency.  The Bush rush to aggressive war is terrifying, and utterly contrary to the principles for which the United States is supposed to stand.  The un-elected Bush government, appointed to office by the Supreme Court, has used the fear generated by 9/11 to undermine civil rights, declare war across the globe, and cut taxes to large corporations and their owners.  We the American people are stunned.  We’ve got to do what we can to recover our voice and reclaim our democracy. 

Specifics.  This is what we ask. 

First, please subscribe to the Freedom Flyer listserve by clicking here and then clicking Send on the screen that will pop up.   

Secondly, go to the AfD website ( where you will see “Freedom Flyer” on the homepage.  Click on “This Week’s Flyer.”  The next screen will start with the statement: “Click PDF.file for a printable version.”  Click it.  The following screen will contain the flyer with a logo and proper spacing two pages.  Print the PDF.file.  You will have two pages of material.  Now for the most important part.

Photocopy the two pages so that they become a single-page, double-sided flyer.  Make as many copies as you feel comfortable distributing (say 50 to 500).  Then take them to the streets.

Once you have a pile of flyers, we recommend a couple of strategies.  The first is to stand on a busy corner and hand them out to people walking by.  This is William Pitt’s method, and he finds it inspirational.  The second is to walk around to coffee shops, record stores, book stores or any progressive retail outlets and ask to leave the flyers in appropriate spots for free distribution.  The third method is to place the flyers under the windshield wipers of parked cars.  You get the idea.  Being creative you’ll come up with your own way.

Each week we will email a new Freedom Flyer to thousands of people in the FreedomFlyer email group and we’ll also put the flyer on the Alliance for Democracy website ( 
We encourage everyone to email Freedom Flyers to all friends and associates.  Email distribution is very efficient, needless to say.

The goal of the Freedom Flyer Collective is to invigorate public dialogue and generate democratic action.  The American Revolution emerged when people across thirteen colonies began communicating their views through letters and newspapers.  People awakened to the common grievances they suffered and the common dreams they shared.  They came together and proclaimed their natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It is time to rekindle the flame!  In the spirit of Tom Paine, we proclaim our duty to remake the world again. 

In solidarity,

Freedom Flyer Collective

William Rivers Pitt, Matthew Condon, Granny D, Dennis Burke, Ronnie Dugger, Nick Biddle 


Contact the Alliance by phone, email or letter for questions and comments. 

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