800 Bombs On Baghdad, Jan. 28, 2003

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800 Bombs on Baghdad 

The Pentagon is planning to fire 800 cruise missiles on Baghdad in the first two days of the war on Iraq.  One cruise missile can destroy a battleship or a large building.  Eight hundred missiles are more than double the number the U.S. used against Iraq in all of the Gulf War.  Most importantly, there are five million innocent civilians living in Baghdad today.  The carnage will be unreal.  The plan is called “Shock and Awe.”  One Pentagon official suggested it would be “like nuclear weapons at Hiroshima.” 

CBS News reported all this on January 24.   See for yourself:


Any American who witnessed the events of September 11 can relate to the terrible concept of "Shock and Awe."  When civilians are targeted deliberately, when their bodies are smashed and left to gush their lifeblood into the dust of the street, we are all diminished and disgusted and horrified.  Ask yourself if you wish to be a party to this kind of action, taken against a city of civilians who had nothing whatsoever to do with the 9/11 attacks.  Finally, consider the very real fact that such a deliberate attack against civilians will definitely motivate all those terrorists we still have not caught – because we are spending so much time on Iraq – to attack us here at home once again.

Think about it. 

Here in America, we believe in freedom and equality.  We also have the propaganda-named PATRIOT Act, which allows Federal officers to enter your home without warrant or notice, which allows them to tap your phone and email, which allows them to collect every bit of personal information available and place it into a Total Information Awareness database to be managed by the Department of Defense.  Here in America, we respect life.  We also prepare for war against a nation that, while ruled by a terrible despot, has done nothing to threaten or harm us.  War against Iraq will kill tens of thousands of people just like you and me.  War against Iraq will bring more terrorism here.  War against Iraq will kill hundreds or thousands of our soldiers, and expose the surviving troops to terrible diseases like Gulf War Syndrome, which fully disabled almost 30% of the veterans from that last war over there.

Here in America, we believe we can do good.  Here in America, right now, we can do better.  We must, for our sake and for the sake of our children.

My name is William Rivers Pitt, and I am a writer and teacher from Boston.  I have joined Granny D, Ronnie Dugger and other concerned citizens who, through these flyers, are hoping to connect with good Americans like yourself regarding a number of very serious issues.

Basically, we aim to tell you about things that are happening in your country and your world that the mainstream news media owned by the big corporations, skates over.  This is not going to be tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory stuff, this will be the real deal, information culled from the mainstream news which was briefly reported, a fast moving blip of data that blinks once and then disappears into the ever-rolling 24-hour news cycle.  It is information you need, and we mean to give it to you.

The American Revolution emerged when people across thirteen colonies began communicating their views through letters and newspapers.  People awakened to the common grievances they suffered and the common dreams they shared.  They came together and proclaimed their natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

It is time to do it again. 

Most Americans get their news from TV and USA Today.  Freedom Flyers fill in the gaps.  Freedom Flyers speak to war, government hypocrisy, civil rights abuse, the shutting down of civil liberties, and corporate crime.  They also pose alternatives, solutions and strategies.

Each week a new Freedom Flyer will hit the streets.  Help us distribute them.  We need people to pass them out, put them in their favorite coffee shops, or forward them to friends by email.  If this catches on we’ll have a new kind of communications system for the American emergency.  To join us, write an email to freedomflyers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. 

For information on downloading and distributing Freedom Flyers go to the Alliance for Democracy website at www.thealliancefordemocracy.org.                                        

William Rivers Pitt


January 28, 2003

Copyright © by William Rivers Pitt