Demand Free Speech in NYC

United for Peace and Justice has a permit to hold a February 15 rally on First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street. This rally will be massive, powerful, peaceful, legal, and safe. But to our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled on February 10 that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice a permit to march anywhere in Manhattan on February 15. We are appalled by this attack on our basic First Amendment rights, and we are asking all of our supporters to protest vigorously against this attempt to stifle the growing opposition to Bush's war. Most of all, we encourage you to keep organizing and mobilizing for February 15: People in more than 300 cities throughout the globe are organizing protests this weekend against the Iraq war (including San Francisco): Let's make New York City's protest the biggest, most passionate anti-war gathering of them all. GET MUCH MORE INFORMATION ON FEB. 15.