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Voter Education for 2004

At this time of crisis, it is not enough to preach to the choir — we must reach the silent majority. That is the goal of UrgentCall.org. We aim to conduct high-visibility outreach to a broad public throughout 2004, with TV, radio, print, billboard, internet, email and direct mail issue advertising. Like ads against the war in Iraq, we expect our educational advertising to generate even more widespread publicity through free national media coverage.

After wreaking havoc on international agreements to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and halting U.S. nuclear weapon cuts , and funding programs to produce new nuclear weapons, and threatening to use nuclear arms against non-nuclear countries — all steps that actually foster proliferation — the United States has now attacked a small Third World country, ostensibly to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

This costly, dangerous U.S. foreign and military policy must be reversed, by increasing voter turn-out and insuring that the majority of voters understand the current policies and know that there are safer, wiser alternatives.

A growing coalition of organizations supports the Urgent Call appeal. To date over 10,000 individuals have signed. In addition, through the work of the interfaith NRDI, the Urgent Call has been endorse by the heads of many Protestant, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Muslim denominations and faith groups.

A Strategy for Reaching the Silent Majority

In 2003 UrgentCall.org is conducting a massive coalition-based grassroots fundraising campaign, to build a very large voter education fund for 2004. We ask each signer to make the largest tax-deductible donation you can afford, and to help us recruit other signer-donors. Ideally, we would like each signer-donor to recruit 10 more supporters. But if you can reach only one or two other people, that will still help us reach our goal of 1 million signer-donors by December 2003, especially if you persuade your recruits to contact their own friends, family, and colleagues.

Partner organizations — groups that ask every member to sign and donate and recruit new signers — receive 20 percent of donations along with contact information for their members and the signer-donors recruited by their members and activities. This revenue sharing will help Partners expand their membership base and build a solid infrastructure for their own public education efforts.

The remaining 80 percent of donations goes to a joint education fund to be used in 2004 for high visibility issue advertising. Our goal is to raise $5 million for this campaign: $2 million for TV and radio spots, $2 million for print media and billboards, and $1 million for direct mail and internet outreach.

How You Can Help

Sign the Urgent Call—and Make a Tax-Deductible Donation ! We need to educate and engage people who have never been active on peace or disarmament issues. If UrgentCall.org recruits a very large number of signers and each signer donates whatever he or she can afford, we can create a joint fund big enough to mount a massive national education campaign. This will put nuclear disarmament and the need for a new foreign policy and new national priorities at the center of the 2004 election debates.

Ask 10 caring friends and acquaintances, or as many as you can, to sign and donate, and be sure to ask them to recruit more signer-donors in turn! We ask each supporter to make that modest effort so that we can recruit a million signer-donors. We can reach this goal if each person who cares signs and donates, and every signer-donor recruits several more. With ever-widening circles of grassroots support, the UrgentCall.org voter education project can transform the United States and the world!

Other Helpful Actions


Help Circulate the Call in Petition Form, collecting signatures and donations.


Ask Your Member of Congress to Co-Sponsor the new Urgent Call resolution about to be introduced in the 108th Congress by Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) (an update of the previous H.J. Res. 97).


Write Your Local Paper, Use Call-in Shows, and Contact Newsletters and Mailing Lists for groups of which you are a member, to let many other people know about the Urgent Call.org web site and encourage them to sign, donate, and recruit more signer-donors.


Support our National and Local Coalition Partners and other groups that are working to reverse the growing nuclear danger.


Reach Out in Your Community to build support for the Urgent Call.


Create a Statewide UrgentCall Coalition of groups and individuals who have petitions at tables and take other actions to make sure that your state reaches its pro-rated share of our 1 million signer-donor goal.

NRDI— the interfaith Nuclear Reduction/Disarmament Initiative— has additional tools for the use of signers and Partner groups, including a study kit, press releases, and ideas for actions.

Thanks for your commitment to work with us for national policies that will reverse the spread of weapons of mass destruction and keep them from falling into the hands of terrorists. This important and rewarding work can make a difference.


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