Contest of Election Case Filed in Ohio Supreme Court

noimage Moss et al v Bush et al

Contestors’ Verified Election Contest Petition

Summary of filing

In this petition to the Ohio Supreme Court, 44 plaintiffs who are registered voters in Ohio, are contesting the certification of the election for President and Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court based on evidence of vote fraud and discrimination.

The defendants in the case are President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Karl Rove, Bush-Cheney ’04 Inc, Thomas Moyer (candidate for Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court), Kenneth Blackwell (Ohio Secretary of State and Co-chair of Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio), and the Ohio electors for the Bush-Cheney ticket.

The petitioners ask for a hearing and ask the court “to determine that the number of votes affected by the irregularities identified herein are sufficient to declare the Kerry-Edwards ticket the winner of Ohio’s electoral votes” and further that “the certificates of election to the Bush-Cheney electors be canceled” or, “in the alternative, that such irregularities, errors, frauds, and mistakes make the results of the election so uncertain that the Court should order the results of the election be set aside.”

The evidence presented includes:

* Statistically impossible discrepancies when highly reliable exit poll data was compared with reported actual results (.0012 probability) Exit polls showed 52.1% for Kerry compared to 48.7% for Kerry in reported votes (pp 29-30)

* Vote fraud took place including adding unlawful ballots and destroying lawful ballots, fraudulent absentee ballots, unauthorized access to tabulating machines and computer operating insructions (pp 34-35)

* Legally protected right to inspect public records in the office of the board of elections was over-ruled by Blackwell (p. 34) and specifically violated in Green County when precinct voting books and computer printouts were removed from the hands of a woman inspecting the records which had been provided to her in the office (pp 36-37)

* Evidence that the equal protection provisions of 14th and 15th amendments and the Voting Rights Act were violated. For example, false information being provided to voters and inequitable distribution of voting machines. (pp 41-46)

* A conclusion that at least 130,656 votes were miscounted for Bush instead of Kerry (pp 37-40)

* A conclusion that at least 216,778 votes for State Supreme Court Chief Justice were miscounted for Thomas Moyer instead of for Ellen Connally (pp 40-41)

While the filing is 93 pages, the substance of the case is from page 22 to 46 so do not be discouraged. To read filing, download PDF file by clicking below.

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