Justice Rising - Spring 2006, Vol 2, #1
This issue focuses on Reclaiming the Commons from the Jaws of Corporate Privatization.
The full newsletter:
Justice Rising - Spring 2006

Individual articles:
1 Reclaiming the Commons, An Introduction and Editorial by Jim Tarbell
2 Commons Sense by Jan Edwards
3 Saving the Public Good from Privatization: An Interview with Si Kahn
4 A Fight for Life by Vandana Shiva
5 Privatization of the Public Domain by Bill Willers
6 Editorial, Clean Money in California, and AfD Media Reform
8 Groups and Books on Reclaiming the Commons
9 Weaving the Commons Together by Linda Schmoldt
10 Legal Commons by Jan Edwards and Rights of Nature
11 Taking Action by Nancy Price
12 Clearing the Land for the Ownership Society: Scotland 1815 by Chris Calder
13 The Privatization Vanguard: Corporate Funded Foundations and Think Tanks by Jim Tarbell
14 Factories as Commons by William P. Meyers
15 Environmental Commons by Britt Bailey
16 Defining the Commons