Alliance organizes Democracy Tent for Peace March
noimage 2340-AA April 29 March and Festival for Peace, Justice and Democracy Big Success.
The Alliance for Democracy was invited to create the Democracy Tent for the April 29 March and Festival for Peace, Justice and Democracy in NYC.  The Festival from 1-6 p.m. was held at Foley Square in downtown Manhattan opposite the Court House. There were more than 20 large tents with tables set up and about 75 additional tables arrayed around the square.

It was a beautiful spring day. Hundreds of thousands, estimated at about 300.000, marched down Broadway from 34th Street to the Square in a huge demonstration against the war and in support of real policy change to “turn our country around.”

The Democracy Tent focused on the history of corporate power and  “first principles” for creating a real people’s democracy. The specific theme of Democracy was highlighted in regard to such subjects as, for example, Democracy and water, food, media, health, trade, corporate personhood, election reform and honest elections. The groups represented (see below) had a wealth of materials to pass out and action items for ways people could become more immediately involved in the work of each group.  The tent was decorated with signs, or “Democracy Memes,” that may be read and printed out for use at local events soon available on our website.  

The AfD table featured many newly created handouts, also the Political Bribery Booklet and back issues of Justice Rising on “Creating Honest Elections (Spring 2005)” and “Reclaiming the Commons (Spring 2006).” 

These can be ordered from Barbara Clancy at the AfD office - or 781-894-1179.

Ruth Weizenbaum, AfD’s Northeast Regional Representative, created a display of “Other Voices – A Community Cable Project” she developed along with former Council Member Bill Haff for the Democracy and Media table (click here).  Ruth Caplan, Chair of our Defending Water for Life Campaign, created for the Democracy and Water display a large map of the 9 North Eastern states where the “water barons” have been active in over 150 communities. She identified bottling plants and sources of bottled water, and communities that have dealt with issues related to corporate privatization of the municipal drinking water/sewer systems. This map and report “Have the Water Barons Come to Your Community?” will soon be available on the AfD website.

A number of AfD members and friends stopped by the table to say hello and chat about their activities.

You may wish to look at Ruth Weizenbaum’s March and Democracy Tent slide show and check the UFPJ website for many news stories and photos.

The following additional issues and groups were represented in the tent: Voting and Civil Rights - Rainbow PUSH on reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act and the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights; Election Reform and Honest Elections – NY Common Cause and New York Verified Voting;  Water - Food and Water Watch (formerly Public Citizen’s Water for All Campaign) and Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s Save the Water Campaign;  Food - Just Food from NYC; Trade -  Public Citizen’s Citizen’s Trade Campaign; Health - Center for Health, Environment and Justice on their PVC Campaign; Media – FAIR – Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; and Corporate Personhood - Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Materials from the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD), the Democracy Schools of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF), and the Center for Democracy and the Constitution in MA were also available.
Nancy Price weaves the Tapestry of the Commons. View the Democracy Tent slide show.
National office coordinator Barbara Clancy talks to marchers.
For hours, marchers filled Foley Square to connect with anti-war and social justice groups.
Spreading the message!
Many marchers made an immediate connection with the concept of weaving a common wealth--several were interested in presenting the workshop in their own communities.