AfD Says No to Corporate SPP Coup d'État
Exposing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North
America for what it is

...the Stealth, Profit and Power Corporate Take-Over

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"Obama: Renegotiate NAFTA As You Promised":
Foreign Policy in Focus, July 27

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SPP Articles In The Progressive Populist by Ruth Caplan and Nancy Price
April 1, 2008 View, Print - The Stealth, Profit and Power Corporate Take-Over
May 1, 2008 View, Print - SPP - What Corporate Takeover Means for Heartland

Fact Sheets Additional Fact Sheets will be added as they are completed. Please read and print for wide distribution.
Fact Sheet #1 View, Print - The Corporate Vision
Fact Sheet #2 View, Print - Super Corridors Linking Mexico, the U.S. and Canada
Fact Sheet #3 View, Print - Corporate Control, Trade and Transport of Water
Fact Sheet #4 View, Print - West Coast Corridor

Thousands take to the streets in Canada August 2007
Threats to Our Communities and Our Water: SPP, Super- Corridors, NAFTA

Power point presentation given by Ruth Caplan at Alliance for Democracy convention on Nov. 3, 2007 in Tucson AZ, including slides on super-corridors.

Threats to Our Water: NAFTA, SPP, Atlantica, Super Corridors

Power Point report by Janet M. Eaton making all the links and including specific focus on water. Click here to view/print the report.

Divergent U.S. Critiques of the Security and Prosperity Partnership: From Anti-Immigrant to Pro-Democracy Perspectives

by Manuel Pérez Rocha

View, Print this insightful paper. More of his work on the SPP can be found at

The Security and Prosperity Partnership
How Bush, the Military and Corporate America Plan to Tighten Their Control Over Our Lives

by Nancy Price

Click here to view/print full story.

Atlantica! SuperCorridor!
Without Congress, a Borderless Corporate World

by Dave Lewit, Alliance for Democracy
(Click here to view/print the article.)

Digby Neck, Nova Scotia vs Mega Quarry, SPP & Atlantica:
Struggling to Maintain a Small Scale Sustainable Economy in Face of Imposed Extractive Economy

by Janet Eaton of Canada who has helped Digby Neck resist.
(Click here to view the article.)

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