Water Track

Another World Is Possible - Another U.S. Is Necessary

AfD Participating in the US Social Forum

June 27 - July 1, 2007 • Atlanta, GA

The Water Track

Thursday - Saturday, June 28-30
You can read the full description of each workshop at the US Social Forum under Workshop Sessions.

Fighting for Water Justice: Stories from Californian Communities, Environmental Justice
 Coalition for Water

Got Thirst? Challenging Corporate Control of Our Water, Food & Water Watch

Atlanta: Ground Zero in the Water Wars, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water

• Our Bodies, Our Water, Alliance for Democracy

• Secret Deal Exposed: Transcontinental Pipelines for Private Bulk Water Sales,
 Alliance for Democracy

Women Water and War, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Defending Our Water and Protecting Our Food: Bringing Family Farmers and Water Rights Advocates Together, Peoples Health Movement, Alliance for Democracy

It’s Our Future! Students and Youth for Water Justice, Corporate Accountability International

Waters of Yanaguana: Native People’s History and Organizing to Protect Water for All of Creation, Fuerza Unida and Apache Del Rio Intertribal

The Color of Water, Mass Global Action

Water for People, Not for Profit! Grassroots Activists Tell Their Stories, Food & Water Watch

Challenging US Policies that Promote Water Privatization at Home and Abroad,
 Environmental Justice Coalition for Water

Clean, Safe Water is a Human Right: Beyond Traditional Water Rights in New Mexico,
 Southwest Organizing Project

Blue October: Planning an International Month of Action on Water,
 Corporate Accountability International

• Trading Water, Trading Democracy, Alliance for Democracy

Care of the Divine’s Creation – Water, Corporate Accountability International

Planning a Winning Campaign, Food & Water Watch