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"Corporations and Democracy" is a radio show hosted by AfD'ers in Mendocino County, California, on  KZYX&Z-FM, Mendocino County Public Broadcasting in the town of Philo. The shows feature interviews with local and nationally-known activists and authors. "Corporations and Democracy" focuses on how corporate rule stands at odds with good public policy on a range of issues, and looks at what individuals and communities are doing at the grassroots to build better and more sustainable alternatives.

The crew includes Toni Rizzo (right, below), Lynda McClure, and Annie Esposito and AfD council member Steve Scalmanini (above), along with occasional guest hosts.

Former host Tom Wodetski and current host Toni Rizzo. Toni is now joined by co-host Linda McClure.
"Corporations and Democracy" is broadcast on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 1 to 2 p.m. Pacific, and is streamed live from the KZYX&Z-FM website.

We welcome you to share these files non-commercially! For information on rebroadcasting "Corporations and Democracy" on your own local community station, please contact the Alliance office at afd (at) thealliancefordemocracy (dot) org. Please also email us if you have suggestions for future topics, or have a question about the show. Thanks, and enjoy!

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"Populist Dialogues" is produced by the Alliance's Portland (OR) Chapter for Portland Community Media and is shared on community access stations across the country. Hosted by AfD co-chair David Delk, the show features national and regional activists and focuses on a broad variety of issues. See past shows and learn more about rebroadcasting here.

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Latest Show:
Obsolete Technology Threatens Our Elections
November 10, 2015Listen Here 
In 2016, 43 states will be using voting machines that are at least ten years old. Some of these systems require long-abandoned data storage, print or telecommunications technology to function, others are simply starting to fall apart. Voting machine breakdowns contribute to long waits at the polls and lead to voters unable to cast a ballot. Christopher Famighetti, a researcher at the Brennan Center and co-author of a recent study, "America's Voting Machines at Risk," discusses the problem with Steve, Annie and listeners.

Selected 2015-2014 Shows:

Benefit Corporations: More Than Profit
October 27, 2015Listen Here 
Toni Rizzo and Lynda McClure discuss the characteristics and process to create Benefit Corporations ("B Corporations") with Heather Paulsen, independent business management consultant who works with companies to achieve B-corp certification, and Tom Honer, owner of Harvest Markets in Fort Bragg and Mendocino, CA, which recently became a B Corporation.

News from Cuba, and Popular Education on Grassroots Power

September 8, 2015Listen Here 
Filmmaker and adult literary activist Catherine Murphy joins Steve and Annie for a discussion on Cuba, focusing especially on agriculture and food policy. Also, at the end of the show, Jim Tarbell and Cathy Durkee talk about two upcoming discussion classes on grassroots solutions to corporate rule.

An Interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva
August 25, 2015Listen Here 
Host Linda McClure interviews Dr. Vandana Shiva, international expert on agriculture, GMOs, and the links between health, food sovereignty, and democracy. Note: Dr. Shiva will be speaking on Monday, September 7 at the Little Lake Grange, 291 School Street, in Willits, California; the event is a benefit for the Charter Project of Mendocino County.

What's Going On With the Grange? (and what exactly is the Grange?)
August 11, 2015Listen Here
The National Grange is a fraternal and support organization for farmers dating from the 1860s, but its relationship with its California affiliates is fraying. Today's guests, Greg Krause of the Anderson Valley Grange, and Michael Foley, a farmer and Little Lake Grange member, talk about the controversy, as well as the history of the Grange and how its activism has benefited rural communities.

Fighting the "Strip-Mall-ification" of Small Towns
June 23, 2015Listen Here
Community opposition is running high to a proposed Dollar General store in the very small village of Redwood Valley, California. Today's show looks at the legal, social and economic issues as residents fight a big corporate chain store.

Frost Fans, Noise and Neighbors

June 23, 2015Listen Here
Some vineyards in Anderson Valley are using huge "frost fans" to circulate air on cold nights to prevent damage to the grapes, but these fans are also loud enough to impact neighbors' sleep and health. Toni, Linda and callers talk with Rod Jones, a local attorney who has worked on noise and right-to-farm ordinances, and Wendy Read, from the Campaign for Quiet Nights and Anderson Valley Red Eyes. 

Mondragon and Developing County-level Cannabis Policy

June 9, 2015Part 1: Listen HerePart 2: Listen Here 
Part 1 of today's show comes to us from Building Bridges Radio and features an interview with economist Frederick Freundlichis on Mondragon, the long-lived and successful worker-owned coop in the Basque region of Spain. In Part 2, Annie and Steve talk to organizers for a ballot initiative to establish a Mendocino County cannabis commission, which will recommend policy to the county's Board of Supervisors with the goal of protecting local growers and small farms as the state moves toward legalization.

Foreign Money in Local Elections & Trade Agreements v. Local Laws
May 12, 2015Part 1: Listen HerePart 2: Listen Here 
In Part 1, Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini welcome Craig Holman, Government Affairs Lobbyist for Public Citizen, for a look at foreign money in state and local elections. In Part 2, they talk with Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Director of International Strategies at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, on how local-preference laws are threatened by international trade agreements.

Water Profiteers and Trade Agreements
April 14, 2015 Listen here 
Ruth Caplan, the Alliance's Defending Water for Life campaign coordinator, discussed global trade agreements and their impact on the commodification of water. James Sago Clark reported from Sacramento, where #CrunchNestle Alliance is trying to shut a Nestle bottling plant that continues to process, bottle, and sell California water despite the record-setting drought.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

March 24, 2015Listen here 
Lynda and Toni talk with Arthur Stamoulis of Citizens Trade Campaign and Alliance for Democracy co-chair Nancy Price about this "NAFTA-on-steroids" trade pact, its potential impact, and what's being done to stop it. For more information on Alliance campaigns against the TPP, see our info and TPP Free Zones pages.

Right to Work Laws; Drone Warfare

March 10, 2015
Listen here 
Steve and Annie talk to Brendan Fischer, general council for the Center for Media and Democracy, about right to work laws in Wisconsin and around the country.  In the second part of the show Gerry Condon and Helen Jacard from Veterans for Peace update us on the US drone program. (Starts at 26:00)

The Anti-Corruption Act
February 24, 2015
Listen here
Toni and Lynda talk with Michael St. James and Charles Cresson Wood about the American Anti-Corruption Act's role in opposing corporate rule locally and nationally.

The Greek Elections: Challenging austerity
February 10, 2015
Listen here 
Annie and Steve discuss the recent Greek election and the rebellion against austerity measures with guest Costas Panayotakis, Professor of Sociology at The New York City College of Technology, and author of Remaking Scarcity: From Capitalist Inefficiency to Economic Democracy.

The Hare Creek Development
January 27, 2015Listen here 
This week, a local issue: the proposed Hare Creek Shopping Center near Ft. Bragg, with the city's Community Development Director Marie Jones, and architect Debra Lennox.

Project Censored
January 13, 2015Listen here 
Steve and Annie talk with Andy Lee Roth, associate director of Project Censored and co-editor of Censored 2015: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2013-14, this year’s edition of the annual "news that didn’t make the news, and why."

How to Steal an Election II: Is the Fix Already In For 2016?

December 9, 2014Listen here 
Steve and Annie continue their talk with Jonathan Simon, co-founder and currently Executive Director of the Election Defense Alliance about how we can protect election integrity and threats to representative democracy in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race.

Following the Money in the 2014 Midterms
November 11, 2014Listen here
Steve and Annie follow the money in the November 4th mid-term elections with Viveca Novak, Editorial and Communications Director of the Center for Responsive Politics at

Talking with Holly Near

October 28, 2014Listen here 
Tom Wodetzki and Toni Rizzo talk with Holly Near about her roots in Mendocino County, her career as a singer, songwriter and activist, the current state of the music industry and the need for stronger support for the arts, especially in education. This also marks Tom's last show after sixteen years as cohost, so thank you, Tom, for all the tremendous work you've done on and off the air to spotlight the many ways that corporations threaten democracy and to promote grassroots resistance.

How to Steal an Election
October 14, 2014Listen here  (right-click to download)
Steve and Annie talk with Jonathan Simon, co-founder and currently Executive Director of the Election Defense Alliance about the current state of election integrity in the Country, going into the mid-term election November 4th.

Greening an Industrial Site
September 23, 2014Listen here 
After Georgia Pacific closed their Fort Bragg facility in 2002, the city acquired the site for recreation, conservation, and ecological education. But onsite contamination led to a lawsuit and delays in implementing plans. On today's show, Dave Turner, Mayor of Fort Bragg, and George Reinhardt, of the Noyo Headlands Unified Design Group, or NHUDG, talk about cleanup issues and plans for the site

Liberty and Justice for Whom?
August 26, 2014
  Listen here 
Toni Rizzo and Tom Wodetzki talk with media analyst and professor Peter Mathews, author of the new book Dollar Democracy: With Liberty & Justice for Some, about how big money has captured our government and steps to recover it for all of us.

Profiting from Gaza
August 12, 2014
  Listen here 
Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini will discuss who is profiting from the war on Gaza and the occupation of Palestine with Dalit Baum with the American Friends Service Committee. In the second half of the show, they'll talk with Alice Speri of VICE News about fast-food workers' fight for a living wage.

Limiting Choice?
July 29, 2014
Listen here 
Toni Rizzo discusses recent Supreme Court decisions that make access to birth control & abortion more difficult, with David Trujillo & Susanna Delano of the Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Action Fund.

Police Accountability, Detroit's Water
July 8, 2014
Listen here 
Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini discuss the privatization of specialized police services and subsequent evasion of public oversight with Kade Crockford of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, which has brought suit against one police organization on this issue.  In the second half they talk with Mary Grant, a researcher for Food & Water Watch, about efforts to privatize City of Detroit’s water.

Money Out, Democratize Trade
June 24, 2014Listen here 
Tom Wodetzki and Jim Tarbell discuss national NGO Public Citizen's attempts to reduce corporate money in elections and improve international trade agreements, with Craig Holman and Lacey Kohlmoos, respectively.

What is Happening to Social Security Field Offices, High-Speed Trading Tax
June 10, 2014Listen here 
Steve & Annie talk with Jim Campana and Dana Duggins of the American Federation of Government Employees about why the Social Security Administration is closing field offices all over the country.  And in the second half they will discuss how a tax on high-speed trading could moderate Wall Street excesses, with Jim Lardner, Communications Director of Americans for Financial Reform.

The Presidents' Bankers, Raiding a Dispensary
May 13, 2014
Listen here 
The first half of the show features an interview with Nomi Prins, former Wall Street executive turned journalist, speaker, TV and radio commentator, about her new book All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power, a history of the relationships between presidents and Wall Street, from Teddy Roosevelt through Barack Obama. The second half of the show discusses the aftermath of a raid in March on a local medical marijuana dispensary, the Love In It Cooperative with Sherry Glaser Love, its executive director.

Banning Fracking, A Socialist USA?
April 22, 2014
Listen here 
Tom Wodetzki and Jim Tarbell talk to two local activists working on a ballot question that would assert Mendocino county's right to protect local water by banning fracking. In the second hour, the guest is Ron Reotsi, one of the contributors to the new book, "Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA."

Schooled by Chicago Teachers?
March 12, 2014
Listen here 
Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini talk with labor writer Samantha Winslow, one of several authors of Labor Notes' new book, "How to Jumpstart Your Union: Lessons from the Chicago Teachers", about how their 2012 strike has become a model for labor organizing across the country. Samantha details how the union encouraged rank and file leadership and built community support.

February 25, 2014
Listen here 
Affluenza—the disease of materialism and acquisition—is sweeping the nation. On this show, author John De Graaf discusses his book, Affluenza: How Overconsumption Is Killing Us, and How to Fight Back, and gives some ideas for getting off the "too much stuff/too little time" treadmill.

Staples v. the Post Office?
February 11, 2014
Listen here 
Is Staples the new Post Office? Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini talk with Omar Gonzalez, Western Region Coordinator of the American Postal Workers Union, about a new step in the direction of privatization. In the first part of the show, guest Kendra Shanley, co-founder of Bay Bucks, talks about San Francisco's new alternative currency and how it can help the regional economy.

Paying Back Medi-Cal?
January 28, 2014
Listen here 
Under the Affordable Care Act, low-income Californians will be getting health care coverage through Medi-Cal, the California state version of Medicaid. Medi-Cal can make claims against the estates of beneficiaries to recoup long-term care coverage, so with more individuals covered, Tom and Toni invite Patricia McGinnis, executive director of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, to explain the estate recovery program, and how it disproportionately affects low-income families.

Sharing your Workspace
January 14, 2014
Listen here 
Annie Esposito and Steve Scalmanini discuss shared workspaces and what advantages they bring to communities with John Kuhry, Executive Director of EDFC, the Economic Development and Finance Corporation, a local non-profit organization and developer of a new co-working facility in downtown Ukiah, CA, and with Kelley Rajalla, co-founder of ShareExchange in Santa Rosa, CA.

Also on the air and the web:
Other AfD members and supporters are involved with the following radio projects:
  • In Massachusetts: Truth and Justice Radio is hosted by North Bridge Alliance chapter member Stan Robinson
  • In Oklahoma: Voices of Oklahoma is online and hopes to be on the air as a non-commercial source for information and culture serving McClain, Garvin, and southern Cleveland counties
  • In California: The Alliance's Tapestry of the Commons project has two-minute audio explorations of the concept of the commons for free use on the air.