Tools for organizing: Brochures and Fliers
Connect with communities and educate for action!
Alliance for Democracy offers resources online and in print. Download the brochures below by following the links for the format you need. For information on ordering printed brochures in quantity, contact our national office at afd /at/, or 781-894-1179.

Check out these other resource pages: New! Draw a crowd for democracy with tips for Street Theater and Visibility here.

"Corporate Bribery: Our Democracy is for Sale"
How do major corporations and the wealthy and well-connected influence politicians and policy? What can be done to ensure that our candidates and government aren't "sold to the highest bidder?"

It's a bribe when any entity seeks to influence policy or legislators with a  big-money donation. Find out how the Citizens United decision introduced more opportunities for big funders to deepen their ties to candidates. Read "Corporate Political Bribery" here--this version can also be printed out as a 3 page handout. Download and print a legal-size brochure here. Or order print copies from the Alliance office, afd /at/, or 781-894-1179.

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"Corporations are Not People"
Learn about the history of corporate personhood and what "We, the People" can do to amend the Constitution and eliminate corporate access to human rights like free speech, due process, and equality before the law. Written by AfD co-chairs Nancy Price and David e. Delk.

Download and print the brochure here.

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"Declaration of Independence from Corporate Rule"
Quarter-sheet-size versions of the short declaration written by Move to Amend and AfD's Nancy Price.

Download and print here.

Additional versions are available on page 2 of the Resources section of Move To Amend's website, here.

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"Big Money" fliers introduce corporate personhood and your local organization
What could be more welcome in these tough times than a million-dollar bill? How about a million dollar bill that connects people to your local action group and gets them involved in the fight against corporate rule? Priceless!

Download and print a .pdf of the front of the flier here. This file is the version for AfD's Mendocino County chapter, and prints on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. You can print out page 2, the dollar bills, and copy them back to back with this file, which you can edit to add your local contact info.

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Don't forget Justice Rising
Our quarterly newsletter is mailed free to members. You can also order additional printed copies or download individual articles for tabling, outreach, or meetings here.

Each edition looks at a current, compelling issue, asking how the corporate agenda distorts dialogue and policy, and reporting on how grassroots organizations are creating democratic and sustainable solutions.

Check out these past issues:
Please contact us at afd /at/ or call 781-894-1179 for availability of print back issues.
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Other print resources
Articles to download and distribute.
  • "The Climate of Corporate Personhood," by James and Tomilea Allison. The history of some of the court cases that were subsequently interpreted to give corporations constitutional rights. Read the .pdf here.