Occupy Everywhere!
Alliance for Democracy connects with Occupy Wall Street movement nationwide
Here are some reports from Alliance for Democracy members who've been participating in their local Occupy actions. We'd like to hear from you if you're taking part. Please contact the AfD office at afd /at/ thealliancefordemocracy.org.

Occupy Wall Street: The Occupation is Not Self-Preoccupied

by Lou Hammann

AfD national council members Lou and Pat Hammann recently took part in the Occupy Wall Street action in Zuccotti Park. Here's Lou's take on the scene, the participants, and what radical new social forms can grow out of this movement.

Patricia and I visited the “Occupation of Wall Street,” October 17th and 18. We were not especially interested in getting a head count as we were in getting in on the conversations. However many bodies were in Zuccotti Park, as we ambled through the crowd, the most conspicuous experience was the courtesy that everyone showed to everyone. There was a lot of necessary jostling and casual nudging but the sense of being part of a community of like-minded folks was quite conspicuous. Then, when we took some time to engage strangers in conversation, what was clear was the friendliness, optimism and sincerity of the talk. And people knew what they were talking about. The conversations were both knowledgeable and personal. (read more here!)

Occupy Maine: Solidarity on the Bridges
Alliance for Democracy Downeast (ME) and Hancock County (ME) Towns in Transition are sponsoring ongoing Occupy Wall Street solidarity rallies on Saturdays in Blue Hill and Ellsworth on the bridges. Organizers write, "there was such an enthusiastic response to the two local democracy rallies last weekend that a group of us intend to do this every weekend. We had 50 attend the rally in Blue Hill and 52 in Ellsworth with very short notice. Our goal is to line both bridges and then extend into town."

Read more here; photos here!

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Occupy Boston: Speaking against corporate rule and corporate personhood
Boston area AfD'ers have been visiting the Occupy Boston encampment and hope to hold a "Free School" session on corporate personhood, corporate constitutional rights, and overturning the Citizens United decision through constitutional amendment.

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Occupy Portland: 10,000 in the streets
AfD'ers were out for the opening Occupy Portland march, collecting signatures for Move to Amend, and spreading the word about Move to Amend Portland and local anti-corporate rule organizing in a march from Waterfront Park to Pioneer Square to Lownsdale Square. Portland chapter president David Delk reports more than 10,000 people in the streets. "It was awesome," he writes. "And just the beginning. The people have started to stir, and in the populist direction we all want." 
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