Tools for organizing: Signs
Connect with communities and educate for action!
Download the signs below and reproduce them on your home printer or, for larger sizes, at your locally-owned print shop. Originals are ledger-size (11" x 17"); to print out at home on letter-size paper, reduce to 61%.

Check out these other resource pages: New! Draw a crowd for democracy with tips for Street Theater and Visibility here.

Stand up and stand out: Alliance signs
Quick-print .pdfs are an easy way to bring the message to a demonstration, tabling, or other event. Download and print at 100% for ledger-size (11" x 17") or reduce by 61% for letter-size.

Basic Alliance sign:
"End Corporate Personhood, End Corporate Rule"
For April 4 actions, quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
These signs feature quotes from King's speech, "Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence."
Also for April 4th: “Beyond Capitalism: A Revolution of Values," from Justice Rising's issue on "Building an Economy for People and Nature."
"we won't
                                pay" pdf

                                won't pay" pdf

"revolution of values"

Justice Rising Signs
Help promote AfD's quarterly newsletter. Great for tabling!

Justice Rising is mailed free to members. You can also order additional printed copies or download individual articles for tabling, outreach, or meetings here.

Please contact us at afd /at/ or call 781-894-1179 for availability of print back issues.