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JUSTICE RISING: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Domination, the quarterly publication of the Alliance for Democracy–a thematic guide for everyone dedicated to ending corporate rule and establishing true democracy. Back issues of Justice Rising are available online, many as either full newsletters and as individual “printer-friendly” one-page articles. Articles are indexed alphabetically below by author.

Note that recurring features, “Groups,” “Books” and “Why You Should Care, What You Can Do” are not separately indexed here.

Luke Allen
“Shock Them Back,” Winter 2009

Gar Alperovitz, Ted Howard and Thad Williamson
“Giant Co-ops in Cleveland: US Beyond Capitalism” (part 1)  (part 2) Fall 2010

James Allison
“Powell and Corporate Power,” Summer 2011

Douglas J. Amy
"Needed—A New Public Administration Ethos," Spring 2013

Mark Anielski
“Towards an Economy of Well-being,” Spring 2009  

Nicole Aro
“Open Government Activists Build Accountability at Transparency Camp,” (with Zubedah Nanfuka) Summer 2011

Sharon Beder
"Thinking for Corporations and Revolving into Government," Spring 2013

Dorothy Boberg

“No More Nuclear Power,” Summer 2008

Robert Bows
“Public Banking or Bust,” Winter 2012

Terrie Brady
“AfD, The Border and Maquiladoras,” Spring 2008 
Ellen Brown
“Bank on It,” Spring 2009

Robert Burbach
“Meet The Bolivarian Revolution: At the World Social Forum in Caracas, January 24-29, 2006,” Winter 2005-2006, page 10

Bob Burton
“Your Corporate News & The No False News Campaign,” Fall 2005, p. 5

Chris Calder
“Media Books from the Shelf,” Fall 2005, page 12

Maia Campoamo
“A Vision For The Commons - Davistown Rising,” Spring 2009

Ruth Caplan
“$8 Trillion and Counting” Winter 2009
“Banking for a Livable Future,” (Part 1) (Part 2) Winter 2009
“Community Federalism: Weaving the Local into a Sustainable System,” Spring 2009 
“Co-ops: Resistance and Hope,” Spring 2009

"Creating Real Democracy Back Home," Spring 2013
“Deglobalization/Relocalization” (with Jim Tarbell) Spring 2009
“Financing the Solidarity Economy,” Fall 2010
“Lessons of Mondragon,” Fall 2010
“Local Currency and Time Dollars: Circulating Money to Promote Local Business,” Spring 2009
“Mobilizing for Hong Kong: What is a Stake?” Winter 2005-2006, page 5

“Money for People Not Corporate Plunder” (with Jiim Tarbell), Winter 2009
“Our World is Not For Sale,” Winter 2005-2006, page 11
“Rights of Nature: As Basis for International Law,” Spring 2010

“Take Control of Money” (with Jim Tarbell), Winter 2009
“Toward Living Right on the Earth,” Spring 2009
“Trade Agreements Enflame the Financial Crisis,” Spring 2009

“Will Corporations Get Caught In a Local/Global Pincer?” Winter 2005-2006, page 12
Julian Cardona
“Market Driven--Merciless Violence,” Spring 2008

Laura Carlsen
“Two Chickens in the Corporate Pot,” Spring 2008

Ben Clarke
“Creating Media Democracy,” Fall 2005, page 2
“Media Money Triangle: Corporate Media, Congress, and the FCC” (with research by Sakura Saunders), Fall 2005, page 7

Jeffrey D. Clements
“The 28th Amendment: Free Speech for People,” Spring 2010,

“Montana Pushes Back Against Citizens United” (with Gwen Stowe), Summer 2011

David Cobb
“Democracy Unlimited Humboldt County: Challenging Corporate ‘Rights’ in Local Elections,”
          Spring 2005, page 11
“The New Voting Rights Movement,” Spring 2005, page 2

John Cobb, Jr.
“People vs Money Power,” Winter 2009

Chuck Collins
“A Moment to Transform the Economy,” Winter 2009 

Michael Collins
“Hacking Our Elections with Big Money and Power” (with Sheila Parks Ed.D), Summer 2011
Herman Daly
“Real Wealth or a House of Cards,” Winter 2009

David e. Delk
“Saving the Election Process: Oregon’s Experience,” Spring 2005, page 7

G. William Domhoff
"The Power Elite," Spring 2013

Ronnie Dugger
“The Alliance for Democracy Triumphs In Suit Over Myriad Corporations,” Spring 2005, page 12

“The Politicization of Public Broadcasting,” Fall 2005, page 9

David Edeli
“Telling Stories: Lessons from the CAFTA Fight,” Winter 2005-2006, page 2

Jan Edwards
“Corporate Cash Trumps Local Democracy,” Winter 2009 

“Corporate Coyotes,” Spring 2008 

“Elites Use Globalization to Block Democracy,” Winter 2005-Spring 2006, page 16

"Government Should Be Like Corporations: Policy Makers Should Sign Confidentiality Agreements!" Spring 2013

“Great Idea! But Will Corporations Claim it's Illegal?” Fall 2010

“How Corporate Constitutional Rights Affect Our Political Process,” Spring 2005, page 10

“Interview with a Corporate Vampire,” Summer 2011

“Is it Commercial Speech? Or Political Speech?” Spring 2010

“Media Commons: Rights & Wrongs,” Fall 2005, page 6
“Nature’s Rights Vs Oil Wrongs,” Summer 2008

“Remembering Richard Grossman,” Winter 2012

Margaret Flowers

“Occupy is Occupying the Public Dialogue (part 1) (part 2) (with Kevin Zeese) Winter 2012

Will Forthman
“California Report on Clean Elections,” Spring 2005, page 14

Phil Fry
“Creating Honest Elections in Ohio and Across the Country,” Spring 2005, page 13

Oscar H. Gandy, Jr.
“Private Insurance Is Not the Answer - It’s Part of the Problem!” Winter 2008

Monterey Gardiner
“Hydrogen Facilitating Renewable Energy,” (with Jamie Holladay) Summer 2008

Ross Gelbspan
“Oil Pressure: Corporate PR and the Climate of Denial,” Fall 2005

Susan Gleason
“Local Organizing for Media Democracy,” (with Jonathan Lawson) Fall 2005, page 16

Lisa Graves

“ALEC Revealed,” Winter 2012

Marghi Hagen
“Corporate Funded Federalist Society: Freeing Big Business from Public Oversight,” Spring 2010

Frank Hartzell
“FERC Gives Corporations the Ocean,” (Part 1) (Part 2) Summer 2008,  

Dee Dee Halleck
“Community Media: In our “‘Interest, Convenience and Necessity’” Fall 2005, page 14

Chris Hedges
"Policymakers Are Driving Us Crazy," Spring 2013

Kurt Hohenstein
“Said the Pot to the Kettle: Citizens United and the Power of Corporate Speech,” Summer 2011

Jamie Holladay
“Hydrogen: Facilitating Renewable Energy,” (with Monterey Gardiner) Summer 2008
Crispin Hollinshead
“It’s Our Power!” Summer 2008

Craig Holman
"A Matter of Trust—Fighting the Capture of Federal Government," Spring 2013

Djar Horn
“Mapping Your Solidarity Economy” (with Maliha Safri), Fall 2010

Ted Howard
“Giant Co-ops in Cleveland: US Beyond Capitalism” (Part 1) (Part 2) (with Gar Alperovitz and Thad Williamson) Fall 2010
Christopher Huh
“Corporate Ag Policies,” Spring 2008


Jagpal, Nikki
“Conservative Philanthropy,” Winter 2013

Antonia Juhas
“Ending The Tyranny of Oil,” Summer 2008

Emily Kawano
“The Global Solidarity Economy Movement,” Fall 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
A Revolution in Values: an excerpt from his "Beyond Vietnam" speech, Spring 2013

Naomi Klein
“Naomi Klein on the Financial Crisis,” Winter 2009

David Korten
“Beyond the Bailout,” Winter 2009
C. R. Lawn
“Fedco Seeds: A Consumer/Worker Cooperative,” Spring 2009

Jonathan Lawson
“Local Organizing for Media Democracy,” (with Susan Gleason) Fall 2005, page 16

The Legal Times
“Occupy the Courts, an excerpt from the blog of the Legal Times,” Winter 2012

Paul Letho
“Are We Helping the Voting Machine Companies or Opposing Them? Strategies for Dealing with the Business of Election Secrets,” Spring 2005, page 3

Dave Lewit
“Brave New England - Toward a New Regional Economy,” Spring 2009

“Localization Elbows Globalization in AfD’s New England,” Winter 2005-2006, page 13

“Modelling Another World,” Winter 2005-2006, page 7

“Participatory Budgeting Today: Proliferation, Compromise, Diversification,” Fall 2010

Nancy Matela
“Election Reviews: Video and Books” (by Oregon Voter Rights Coalition), Spring 2005, p. 9

“Voter Rights Groups: Fighting to Save our Democracy,” (with Jim Tarbell) Spring 2005, p. 8

Bill McKibben
“Fossil Fuel Industry Controls Federal Policy,” Winter 2012

Rachel Mehl
“Alternative Economies Build Strong Communities” Spring 2008

William P. Meyers
“Energy Corporations in US History,” Summer 2008 

“The Gruel of Law,” Spring 2010 

“History of Money,” Winter 2009

“Law & Economics of US Immigration: History Notes,” Spring 2008

“Lobbying the Constitution,” Winter 2012

“Money and Politics,” Spring 2005, p. 15

“19th Century Election Reform,” Summer 2011

“Response to Hardship: The Farmers Alliance Cooperative,” Fall 2010

“Slave Nation: History Notes” Fall 2005

“62-Year Delay for National Medical Insurance - So Far,” Winter 2008

Jane Anne Morris
“Look to Congress for Supreme Court Fix,” Spring 2010

Peter Mott
“Grassroots Actions for Accessible and Effective Health Care,” Winter 2008

“Health Care in the US - Human Rights vs Corporate Rights” (Part 1) (Part 2), Winter 2008
“Health for Humans - Not Corporate Profits,” (with Jim Tarbell), Winter 2008

“Herman Daly on Corporate Globalization,” interview by Peter Mott, Winter 2005-2006, page 3 

Ted Nace
“Swarming the Climate Catastrophe,” Summer 2008 

Zubedah Nanfuka
“Open Government Activists Build Accountability at Transparency Camp” (with Nicole Aro) Summer 2011

Nancy Neamtan
“Growing the Solidarity Economy,” Fall 2010

Nick Nyhart
“Clean Elections Now,” Summer 2011

OMB Watch
“Corporate Assault on Regulations,” Winter 2012

Riki Ott
“A Call to Americans: Mobilize and Defy the Court,” Spring 2010

Sheila Parks, Ed.D
“Hacking Our Elections with Big Money and Power,” (with Michael Collins) Summer 2011

Jeffrey L. Pasley
“Private Access and Public Power,” Winter 2012

Peter Phillips
“Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America,” Fall 2005, page 3

Emily Posner
“Shock Them Back,” (with Luke Allen) Winter 2009

Bonnie Preston
“Maine Elections Running Clean,” Spring 2005, page 14

Nancy Price
“Beyond Capitalism: A Revolution of Values,” Fall 2010

“Community Action to Protect Our Health,” Winter 2008   
“Local Democracy vs Corporate Global Empire,” Winter 2005-2006, page 4

“Oil and Water,” Summer 2008

“Trading Away Democracy,” Spring 2005, page 16 

“Water, Nature and the Alliance for Democracy,” Summer 2008



William I. Robinson    
“Axis of Global Inequality,” Spring 2008

“The Fire This Time,” Spring 2008

Theodora Ruhs
“Creating a Role in the Media for Youth,” Fall 2005, page 17

Maliha Safri
“Mapping Your Solidarity Economy” (with Djar Horn) Fall 2010

Ashley Sanders
“Populism Isn't Dead, It's Marching,” Winter 2012

Donny Shaw
"Congress to K Street," Spring 2013

Kate Sims
“Resources for Reform,” Fall 2005

Melanie Sloan
"Pentagon's Revolving Door Spinning Faster," Spring 2013

Tyson Slocum
“Corporate Control over Energy: The Real Addiction,” Summer 2008 

Michael Smallberg
"Government's Influential Corporate Advisor," Spring 2013

Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
“Going Local to Make Change Nationally,” Summer 2011

Sandra Steingraber
“On Living Downstream: Interview on Corporations and Democracy,” Winter 2008

Gwen Stowe
“Montana Pushes Back Against Citizens United,” (with Jeff Clements) Summer 2011

Elizabeth Swenson
“The Door Is Open: Public Access TV Offers Ample Opportunity To Get Your Message Out,” Fall 2005, page 15

Jim Tarbell
“Bills that Sold Public Health for Corporate Profits,” Winter 2008

“Building an Economy for People & Nature,” Fall 2010

“Business Buyout: US Chamber of Commerce Rolls Over State Supreme Courts,” Spring 2010 

“Corporate Coup, Popular Pushback,” Winter 2012

“Corporate Funded War on Our Democracy and Our Planet,” Summer 2011

“Corporate Nightmare in the Treasury,” Winter 2009

“Courts & Corporations v. Our Common Good,” Spring 2010

“Deglobalization/Relocalization,” Spring 2009

“Dismantling the Web: Reclaiming Our Elections,” Summer 2011

“Ending Corporate Rule Begins at the Grassroots,” Summer 2011

“Media Welcomes Effort to Get Money out of Politics,” (Part 1) (Part 2) Summer 2011

 “Money for People Not Corporate Plunder,” Winter 2009

“Move to Amend: The Campaign for Constitutional Change,” Spring 2010

“New Economics - Responsibility and Partnership,” Spring 2009

“People Power Comes Alive,” Winter 2012

"Policy Makers: Committed to Public Values or Corporate Agendas?" Spring 2013

"Separate Corporations and State," Spring 2013

“Take Control of Money,” Winter 2009

"A View of Three Supreme Courts" (part 1) (part 2) (complete) Spring 2013

Daniel Tygel
“Democracy, Economics and Termites,” Fall 2010


Alis Valencia
“Unseen Consequences,” Winter 2008

Howard Ward
“Creating a Democratic Revolution,” Fall 2005, page 18

Harvey Wasserman
“King CONG Dominates Energy Policy,” interview by Jim Tarbell excerpted from AfD’s “Corporations and Democracy” radio program, July 4, 2008, Summer 2008 

Steven Weiss
“Follow the Money,” Spring 2005, page 4

Thad Williamson
“Giant Co-ops in Cleveland: US Beyond Capitalism” (Part 1) (Part 2) (with Gar Alperovitz and Ted Howard)

Robert Witherall
“United Steelworkers Ally with Mondragon Co-Ops,” Fall 2010

Rebecca Wolfe
“On the Failure of Corporate Law,” Spring 2010


Kevin Zeese
“Occupy is Occupying the Public Dialogue” (Part 1) (Part 2) (with Margaret Flowers) Winter 2012

Mary Zepernick
“Cape Care - A Proposed Single-Payer Health Plan,” Winter 2008

Justice Rising: Grassroots Solutions to Corporate Rule, published three times a year, examines a variety of issues through the perspective of corporate rule, and shares how activists and communities are pushing back against the big-money takeover of democracy.

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