If you reject Trump's racist claims of voter fraud, but are still concerned that electronic vote-counting machines could be used to steal an election... Then

Join the campaign for
hand counted paper ballots.

Through our community-based “People’s Vote Must Count” campaign, you can be part of a national network of citizen activists working to implement paper ballot voting to stop election theft and restore transparency and public oversight.

Our elections can be highjacked. But not as Trump claims because of voters using fraudulent ID.  No, indeed, the major problem is the voting machines themselves.
  • The voting machines are manufactured by just three private corporations—Diebold (now part of ES&S), Dominion and Hart.
  • The computer code is proprietary.
  • Tampering with the code is neither detectable nor traceable.
  • Independent inspectors cannot verify that the votes are being counted accurately.
In our system today, even paper ballots are counted by machines with proprietary code.

Trump’s charge of fraudulent ballots is a cover for the real fact that voters in primarily Hispanic and African-American areas are being denied the right to vote with
  • too few polling places in these neighborhoods
  • a lack of working voting machines
  • limited voter access by fewer days and shorter hours for voting
The Alliance for Democracy demands that the People's Vote Must Count.
    •    We must end vote manipulation and voter suppression.
    •    We must campaign for hand-counted paper ballots where we live.

Follow these steps to build locally:

flag arrowFirst, learn about about how voting machines can be used to steal elections--even the ones that count paper ballots. Use Alliance for Democracy's latest issue of Justice Rising as a study guide to link the campaign for hand-counted paper ballots to other needed reforms. Screen documentaries like Hacking Democracy (2006) or I Voted? (2016).

flag arrowStudy the election process in your town, city, or county. What are the ways that people’s votes are not secure? Document your findings and report to your town, city or county council and election officials with recommendations to make the case for hand-counted paper ballots.

flag arrowIntroduce legislation or an initiative calling for hand-counted paper ballots (HCPB).  Look for campaign and outreach materials here in the coming weeks. Or consider implementing a HCPB process in one precinct to demonstrate this process is both reliable and doable.

Click here for more info on how to organize a local campaign.

Report your organizing
to Barbara Clancy (afd@thealliancefordemocracy.org), AfD’s national campaign coordinator, who will document what is going on around the country.

The Alliance for Democracy's “People’s Vote Must Count” Campaign is based on the knowledge and experience of the many people who contributed to the Fall 2016 issue of Justice Rising. Check it out and launch your own local election protection campaign.

The latest issue of our journal, Justice Rising, can be used as a study guide on the need for hand-counted paper ballots and on the other ways in which our elections must be made secure to ensure that every vote counts equally and every citizen has an equal opportunity to vote.

  • Election theft
  • Gerrymandering
  • Voter Apartheid
  • Voter Suppression

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