Resources for Organizing & Education on the FTAA

This two-hour participatory workshop describes the FTAA and what it will do to our communities, starting with what people know: NAFTA. It includes NAFTA case studies; a race, gender, and class analysis of NAFTA; and a framework of expanding corporate globalization (WTO, MAI, NAFTA). It ends with a strategy planning session where participants identify local allies for a long-term anti-FTAA campaign. $25 for trainer's guide and handouts, + $25 for 2 x-3 foot flip charts postpaid, from United for a Fair Economy, 37 Temple Place, Boston MA 02111, 617-423-2148 x 24,

This packet will prepare activists to speak on the FTAA, lead teach-ins, and organize in their communities. It includes a paper on the FTAA, talking points, an outline for a speech, a sample letter to the editor, a sample letter to Congress, a sample petition, sound bites, website and reading lists, overheads and graphs. Order from ACERCA, PO Box 57, Burlington, VT 05402, 802-863-0571,

3. ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION KIT ON THE FTAA - Sierra Club's Responsible Trade Program Action kit on the FTAA's environmental impacts includes a four-page fact sheet, training materials on communicating to the media and to the general public about the FTAA, and suggestions on how to build a local Responsible Trade coalition. For further information, contact Dan Seligman at (202) 675-2387 or at

RAN has fact sheets on FTAA's impacts on forests and indigenous peoples on "Who Writes the FTAA, Who Benefits?" that will spotlight Citigroup, the Business Roundtable, and the role the private financial sector plays in backroom wheeling and dealing. Can provide teach-in support. Contact Beka Economopoulos at Rainforest Action Network, 917-560-3609, Facts can be downloaded from

5. POPULAR EDUCATION TRAINING - Alliance for Responsible Trade (ART)
This includes a six-hour popular education workshop for campus, labor, religious, and community use. It will prepare activists to form local coalitions against the FTAA and build support for the Quebec protests. After a six-hour training, ART trainers can stay in your community for several days to work with the most interested activists, but will need financial support to bring you the workshop. Available from ART, 4834 N. Springfield, Chicago, IL 60625, 773-583-7728,

Organizing materials from ART:
-Four-page fact sheets that provide an overview of the FTAA, analyze its effect on various constituencies, and offer alternatives for local organizing.
-A brochure describing the Alliance for Responsible Trade, the Alternatives for the Americas, and suggestions for local organizing.
-A videotape that describes the FTAA.

6. "ALTERNATIVES FOR THE AMERICAS" --Hemispheric Social Alliance
Newly revised "Alternatives for the Americas," which will be around 65 pages with a two page summary, is just being completed and will be released before Quebec City. Watch for announcement on Alliance Announce or check

For more information contact the Alliance for Democracy, 781-894-1179