AfD at the United States Social Forum in Atlanta.
The Alliance for Democracy
at the
USSF - United States Social Forum
The Alliance for Democracy was one of hundreds of organizations present at the first US Social Forum in Atlanta. The AfD contingent marched, networked, attended and presented workshops, and talked to hundreds of visitors to the Water and Democracy tents.
Alliance for Democracy and Tapestry of the Commons banners in the opening
Puppets leading the opening march through Atlanta.
The opening march ended with a rally in front of the Georgia State Capitol.
Setting up the Water Tent. Participating groups were working on fighting water privatization, educating on the environmental impact of bottled water and industrial agriculture, and community protection of watersheds and
traditional water rights.
AfD Co-chair Nancy Price and treasurer Vikki Savee at the Alliance for Democracy table.
Ruth Caplan at the AfD table in the Water Tent.
Nancy Price assembles the Tapestry of the Commons.
AfD office coordinator Barbara Clancy and a water tent visitor go over the day's Democracy Track workshops.
Raising awareness of the Security and Prosperity Partnership was an important focus of AfD's work at the Forum.
Ruth Caplan leads a workshop on the Security and Prosperity Partnership.
Jim and Arlene Prigoff. Arline led a workshop entitled "A World of Peace,Without Empires or Wars, is Possible", with School of Americas Watch
Jan Edwards leads participants in assembling the Tapestry of the Commons
Tapestry construction underway, with workshop participants sharing their thoughts on what natural and cultural resources should be held in common by all, and what aspects of privatization do to society and nature.
The lobby of the Convention Center was full of people checking out different organizations, heading to caucuses and workshops, and getting a break from the heat outside.
Visitors to the water tent took away information on the Alliance, SPP, and the fight against corporate control of water resources.
Heading back from the Convention Center after five long, but very exciting days. Thanks to all our members and friends who supported our work in Atlanta--and read more about our actions--and where our next steps lead--in
the e-news and in Justice Rising.