Tapestry of the Commons

Reclaiming our Common Wealth

Nancy Price Tapestry of the Commons Jan Edwards

Satin ribbons representing Nature's Gifts to all her creations - Sky, Land, Water, Animals - interweave with the gifts of our ancestors, our Cultural Heritage, to form an interdependent Tapestry of the Commons. Together we weave the tapestry, together we remember the gifts of the commons, and together we unweave the ribbons as we assess the current state of our common wealth.

The Tapestry of the Commons is an interactive, engaging and beautiful project for groups of all ages and levels. We can use it to explore the concepts of common, public and private property; interconnectedness and sustainability; and the threats of privatization, globalization, commodification and corporatization. With a narrative grounded in history and through exercises and games we emerge with ideas for focused action designed to reclaim our common wealth.

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