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The Tapestry of the Commons explores the concept of the Commons: What is private property, what is common wealth, and who decides. How do the Natural Commons and the Cultural Commons interact? Since we know that all of nature is interconnected, what is the human relationship to the rest of the Commons? By engaging people in a discussion of these topics we hope to empower citizens to rethink some of our most important issues.

The Tapestry of the Commons Radio Program currently has 10 evergreen interstitial modules, each is 2 minutes in length. The programs introduce the listener to the Commons, open up some themes we hope to pursue in future shows, and start to examine some strategies for Commons protection. Our goal is to expand this pilot program soon.

The 10 programs and the 2 musical pieces are FREE for Radio Broadcast. You have the rights and permission. We do ask that you air the pieces in their entirety (unedited).

Please let us know if your station is airing the programs, what you think of them and give us guidance for future programs. CONTACT US

Download All Radio Programs (24 minutes of audio, 46.2 Mb zip file) or one at a time.

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