Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

stop tpp sign• The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being written in secret by and for the corporations, with 600 lobbyists reviewing and commenting on the text.
• We the people and our elected representatives are shut out of the negotiating process. This is definitely government of, by, and for the corporations.
• Unlike other trade agreements, the TPP will remain open for any country to join even after the original negotiating countries have signed, creating a global system that the 1% and the World Trade Organization have so far failed to do.
• TPP will make it even easier to roll back regulations that protect workers, communities and the environment.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive trade and investment pact, justly described as "NAFTA on Steroids" by the hundreds of organizations and millions of people who oppose it. TPP negotiations began three years ago between the United States, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam, and most recently have been opened up to include Canada and Mexico.

These negotiations, and the TPP itself, have been arguably the most secretive and least transparent of the free trade agreements negotiated by previous administrations, Democrat or Republican. While 600 corporate lobbyists have been able to give input on the text, US senators and representatives have either been blocked from seeing the text or from commenting on it, despite legislative calls for transparency.

tpp cartoonFrom leaked text and previous trade agreements, it is clear that the TPP would:
  • Undermine financial industry regulations needed to prevent another meltdown
  • Restrict free use of the internet
  • Dismantle “Buy Local” and “Buy American” preferences which promote local business
  • Restrict use of cheaper generic drugs
  • Challenge food safety regulations including on tobacco and GMO labeling
  • Delay action on climate change if not prevent it, including action on fracking
  • Disallow laws/regulations limiting export of oil, LNG, coal, natural gas and water
  • Allow governments to be sued by foreign corporations for lost profit as a result of laws and regulations
Yet, labor, environmental, health care, internet/free press, climate justice, green energy and democracy organizations have been excluded from the negotiations.  They cannot see the text, nor comment on it despite the impact of the TPP on all these issues.

We are running out of time to expose and oppose this trade pact. We demand the following:

1) Release the TPP text immediately.

2) Open up all negotiating sessions to members of Congress and the public.

3) Remove the Investor Protection Clause, which allows multinational corporations to sue countries to overturn laws and regulations that protect the common good, as well as the trade tribunals, which operate outside the US court system and overturn our laws and regulations.

4) No Fast Track Authority, which subverts Congress's role as the representative of the people. Fast Track Authority allows the president to enter into and sign free trade agreements prior to any congressional approval. Normally, legislation is passed by Congress and then signed into law by the president. FTA turns that standard democratic process on its head.

Under FTA, Congress is not a party to negotiations. After negotiations are completed and the agreement has been signed by the president, legislation implementing the free trade agreement goes to House and Senate. Neither chamber is allowed to change anything in the implementing legislation.

Also, both chambers are required to vote up or down within 90 days. This rigid deadline means that neither congress nor the public have time to analyze complicated agreements which will have significant impacts on labor, public health, the environment, agriculture, financial regulation and more. (Learn more about Fast Track Authority here.)

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More TPP-related videos of from the 2013 Earth Democracy Conference in Madison WI are available on our YouTube channel. Check out Monsanto Will Not Rule the World and the Rally to Derail Fast Track and Stop TPP.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: NAFTA on Steroids

Like previous free trade agreements, the Trans-Pacific Partnership has the potential to undermine laws that protect workers' rights, the environment, public health, and jobs. That's why on either side of the Pacific, citizens' groups of all kinds are opposed to instituting this compact.

Here, Arthur Stamoulis, executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign, talks to David Delk about this "NAFTA on Steroids" pact and how to stop it.

This video is available to air on your local community access station. See this post on our blog for more information.

Declare your community a TPP-Free Zone
Ruth Caplan gives background on the TPP and how communities, be they cities, states, counties, can resist the Trans-Pacific Partnership by declaring themselves TPP-Free Zones and refusing to obey directives to remove democratically-instituted laws or regulations from their books. Recorded at the Democracy Convention in Madison, WI, in 2013.

TPP Corporate Coup Impacts Democracy and Access to Medicines
Oregon Fair Trade Campaign Director Elizabeth Swager gives us a broad overview of the agreement, how is has been negotiated and why it needs to be opposed. Force Positive Coordinator (Cascade Aids Project)'s Benjamin Gerritz talks in a very personal way about how this agreement could impact the availability of generic HIV drugs as well as other medicines. The agreement would help the bottom line of the pharmaceutical companies while denying life saving drugs due to increased patent lengths and increased barriers to approval of generics.

This video is available to air on your local community access station. See this post on our blog for more information.

Expose The TPP produced this short video outlining all the ways that the TPP gives multinational corporations the upper hand at the expense of democratically enacted laws, the environment, internet freedom, public health, and protections for workers and local economies. This is a good one to share with people who are new to trade issues. 

Friends of the Earth US's video, "Peril in the Pacific: Trans Pacific Trade Agreement Threatens People and Planet" highlights threats to the environment and human rights posed by TPP's draft investment chapter, and asks why the negotiating framework for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal favors Wall Street and multinational corporations at the expense of effective environmental and climate policy. If you would like a copy of this video for a local meeting or media, please contact Bill Waren at wwaren //at// foe //dot// org.

 Visit this page for resources and
information on how to
declare your community
a TPP Free Zone.


"Why should your Congressional Representative oppose the TPP and TTIP?"
This two-sided fact sheet outlines some of the major areas in which the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement will threaten policies and laws that protect workers, the environment, public safety and public health, and national sovereignty. Read and download here.

"Why should your City or County Council or Town Meeting oppose the TPP and TTIP?"
Many of the same national arguments against TPP and TTIP apply on the local or county level as well, but our local officials are often more willing to listen to constituents and to consider what's best for a community's economy, ecosystems and people, and not just for big corporate donors. This is an invaluable resource for anyone working on a local TPP/TTIP free zone or resolution. Read and download here.

"Nafta On Steriods: That's the Trans-Pacific Partnership"
Written by the Alliance's Portland, OR chapter, this flier describes the TPP, the secrecy surrounding negotiations, and the importance of blocking Fast Track. Suggestions for action include questions for senators and representatives, and an invitation to join activists in Vancouver, BC this July to protest at the upcoming TPP negotiating round there. Read and download here.

"Stop TPP" signs
Print it large, or print it letter-size, use it for a flier, or post it in your car window and speak truth to traffic! View and download here.

"Declare Your City a TPP/TTIP Free Zone"
Promote TPP Free Zones with this poster. View and download here.

"Climate Busting Trade Agreements?"
We will not obey! Say yes to TPP Free Zones and no to the TPP and TTIP. View and download here.

"Stop TPP" postcards
A compact handout combines the basic info on the Trans-Pacific Partnership with links for more information and action items to stop fast track re-authorization and to publicly release the TPP text. View and download here.

"Just the Facts" full and half-sheet flier on the TPP
Learn about the history and impact of the TPP agreement. Gives suggestions for action and links to websites for more information. Available in a full-size version, which you can view and download here,  or a half-size, two-sided version, which you can view and download here.
Public Citizen/Global Trade Watch's TPP website with online and constituent actions, fact sheets, and other resources. Check out How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Impact Financial Regulations

News and Commentary:
January 5, 2015: Protectionism v. free trade? Not in TPP
Robert Reich explains how modern trade agreements like the TPP are different from how trade deals were once negotiated. Multinationals and Wall Street want protectionism when it comes to their own assets, but "free trade" when it comes to rights, health and protection of consumers, workers, small business, and the environment.

January 6, 2015: TPP: Blocking Fast Track is the key
Fighting back against one arcane, Nixon-era trade negotiating procedure could put a stop to a global corporate coup, according to Arthur Stamoulis

 Visit this page for resources and
information on how to
declare your community
a TPP-Free Zone.

Alliance for Democracy takes action

AfD co-chair Nancy Price's op-ed
emphasizes the need to block Fast Track and highlights some ways that global trade agreements can hobble

AfD converges, marches, with warning on climate-trade connection
In workshops and out on the street with our banners, we drew a connection between multinational-driven trade agreements like TPP and TAFTA, environmental and economic justice, and the climate crisis. Check out this article to explore the connections between climate and trade. For resources, click here.

AfD organizer Ruth Caplan discusses TPP Free Zones with David Newsome, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese on WeAct Radio.  Listen here!

Portland AfD produces this postcard call to action on TPP
Portland AfD has produced a short and to-the-point postcard handout with info and actions to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Print or photocopy to encourage people to take action.

AfD joins 400 organizations in opposition to Fast Track and TPP

On March 4, Congress members received a letter signed by more than 400 organizations representing over 15 million people, expressing opposition to Fast Track Authority for the president to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership and calling for a new direction in trade agreements. Read the letter here

TPP: A giveaway for the global 1%
Our members and supporters speak out for transparent negotiations: action alert here.

Sign on to block the "Corporate Death Star"
"To all the governments negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:
As concerned global citizens, we call on you to make the TPP process transparent and accountable to all, and to reject any plans that limit our governments' power to regulate in the public interest. The TPP is a threat to democracy, undermining national sovereignty, workers' rights, environmental protections and Internet freedom. We urge you to reject this corporate takeover." Sign here.

Read more TPP-related posts on the Alliance blog.


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