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Campaign News:
Tompkins County (NY) Legislature passes a resolution against Fast Track 12-1. The vote was bipartisan with both Republican members voting in favor. Read more here, text of resolution is on page 10-11 of this document.

Pittsburgh recognizes TPP threat
The city's anti-Fast Track resolution lays out a blueprint for trade justice. Read it here.

Fort Bragg CA City Council says no
to fast-tracking TPP, TAFTA/TTIP and TiSA. The council voted April 13. Read the submitted text of resolution here.

Seattle City Council passes anti-Fast Track resolution
Video of public testimony and deliberations here; press release here; text of resolution here.

TPP concerns lead Bellingham, WA to pass anti-Fast Track resolution

The City Council noted secret negotiations and TPP's effects on jobs and the democratic process. Read the resolution here.

Richmond, CA goes TPP-Free, opposes Fast Track
Here's the text of a resolution passed with one abstention by the city's six-member Council on February 17, 2015. Read our press release here.

New York City Council member introduces TPP-Free measure
Helen Rosenthal, councilor for district 6, says "New York City stands in opposition to this trade agreement and the process through which it is being negotiated.” Read more here.

Berkeley, CA declares itself a TPP/TAFTA-Free Zone

In an almost unanimous vote September 9, 2014, Berkeley opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the TransAtlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), and declared the city a “TPP/TAFTA Free Zone.” Read the resolution text here and the press release here.

Dane Co., WI passes TPP-Free Resolution
Text of resolution passed on October 17, 2013; coverage in The Progressive is here, and on here

Madison says No to TPP
The city's Common Council passed this resolution on October 29, 2013.

Don't let the Trans-Pacific Partnership take away our democratic rights as individuals and as a community!
Create a "TPP-Free Zone" where you live

From leaked text and previous trade agreements, it is clear that the TPP would threaten laws and regulation designed to protect public health, financial transparency, food safety, workers rights, the climate and the environment. It would allow governments to be sued by corporations for lost profit as a result of these ordinances. Yet labor, environmental, health care, internet/free press, climate justice, green energy and democracy organizations have been excluded from the negotiations.  They cannot see the text, nor comment on it despite the impact of the TPP on all these issues.

It is time to build a democratic movement of resistance.  It is time to start right where we live, in our own community.  It is time to say to our US trade representative and the corporations which are sitting at the negotiating table—

“If you, our unelected representatives, create this corporate-driven monstrosity and then go to Congress for a rubber stamp, WE WILL NOT OBEY.”

It is time to make our municipalities “TPP Free Zones,” following in the footsteps of the successful resistance to an earlier trade agreement, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, which was defeated in 1998 thanks to a global grassroots campaign.

New! Click here to download a .pdf of our TPP Free Zone pamphlet. Print it on legal-size paper, or read the text online here.

Click here for a model municipal law to make your community a TPP Free Zone.

Click here for some pointers in getting a TPP Free Zone law passed.

Educate for action: Our upcoming edition of Justice Rising focuses on international resistance to corporate global trade agreements, including the TPP. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, contact us at afd thealliancefordemocracy ... org or call 781-894-1179.

There's more information, videos and resources on our TPP page.

Questions? Ideas? Resources? We’d like to hear from you. Contact the Alliance for Democracy office at afd (at) thealliancefordemocracy (dot) org, or 781-894-1179.

What is a TPP-Free Zone?
AfD Co-Chair Ruth Caplan explains how local organizing for "TPP-Free Zone" laws can help defeat this so-called "free trade" agreement while supporting global civil society movements for economic and environmental justice and local democracy.

New Justice Rising focuses on TPP!
Click on the cover to download individual articles or the whole issue.

Justice Rising cover vol 6 number 1