Alliance Campaigns - Find Out What's Going on and Get Active
Defending Water For Life     Visit the national campaign page here
Learn about Alliance efforts to keep water resources in the public trust, and read about the history of the struggle to keep "Water for People and Nature" in the U.S. and around the world. This national campaign supports state-level work to protect water, including developing local resolutions against corporate personhood.

State Websites:

Ending Corporate Rule      Visit the national campaign page here
The overwhelming influence that large and multinational corporations have over every aspect of our lives has to end, if we're to protect a democratic society and the viability of the planet. Our campaigns emphasize action and outreach against corporate personhood and corporate rule at every level of government, as well as collaboration with other groups to build a movement across "divide-and-conquer" lines.

National Campaigns:
  • Move to Amend: Move to Amend seeks to end corporate personhood by passing a 28th Amendment to the Constitution. We were a founding member of this organization and our Portland chapter works closely with it.
  • Tools for Organizing: Download how-tos, fliers, and articles, as well as tips and ideas for street theater. Help spread the word on the need to end corporate rule. See the main resource page here.
  • The We the People Act: Reintroduced in Congress. Link to text and a list of co-sponsors here.
Chapter Actions:
  • Move to Amend Portland: AfD's Portland chapter has taken a lead on getting Oregon organized to end corporate personhood. Find out more on the Portland chapter website, or on their Facebook page.
  • The Concord, Massachusetts North Bridge chapter works with Greater Boston Move to Amend on local education and outreach. Email for more information and read about past actions here.
  • Mendocino and Ukiah chapter members produce a twice-monthly radio show, "Corporations and Democracy," featuring interviews with both national and local activists on corporate rule and sustainable, democratic alternatives. See the Alliance radio page for the latest shows. 

Corporate Globalization/Positive Alternatives
Increasingly the rules that promote corporate domination of our lives are being set by international trade and investment agreements. These agreements place short-term economic efficiency and maximization of profit above all other values, including democracy. They promote privatization, deregulation and unfettered movement of capital (the "neoliberal" agenda) which removes profits from communities and strengthens transnational corporations at the expense of civil society and the democratic process.

Since 1997, the Alliance for Democracy has had a national campaign to oppose international agreements that promote corporate globalization. The campaign first focused on stopping the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and stop it we did, thanks to a strong international network of civil society organizations. Attention next turned to stopping the WTO Millennium Round in Seattle and that is history.

National Campaigns:
  • Stop TPP: We are part of the global movement to end this "NAFTA on Steroids" trade deal. For more info and resources see our TPP page here.
  • Earth Democracy: Alliance for Democracy organized the Earth Democracy Conference at the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin and will be working on a similar set of workshops and presentations at the planned 2018 convention. You can find out more about the planned roster of speakers and workshops here, and learn more about the convention itself at its website.
  • Tapestry of the Commons: What is or should be private property? What is or should be common wealth? Participants engage in a new interactive rediscovery of the commons by weaving ribbons representing natural and cultural commons. This is a workshop that can be adapted for late elementary school children through adults, and for many levels of political or ecological awareness. Learn more here.
Chapter Actions:
Massachusetts and Washington DC members are involved with public banking initiatives in their state and city. Massachusetts Alliance members are also working on seating members of a state citizens' trade advisory board.

Alternative Media: Projects and Resources
In print, on the air, and on local tv, we're doing an end-run around a mainstream media that increasingly ignores innovative grassroots campaigns and alternative political viewpoints.

National Campaigns
Chapter Projects:
  • "Corporations and Democracy" is a twice-monthly radio show airing on KZYX-FM public radio in Mendocino, California. The show streams live at 1 p.m. Pacific on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Audio files of past shows are posted here on our website.
  • "Populist Dialogues" is a weekly television interview show produced by Portland Alliance for Democracy for Portland Community Media.  Learn how to share this show on your own community access station. You can also subscribe to shows from their Youtube channel.