"The issue is not issues, the issue is the system."
Ronnie Dugger, founder, Alliance for Democracy

All out for trade and climate justice!
From Portland OR to Philadelphia, we've been in the streets to #StopTPP.

Portland Alliance for Democracy brings the message to the Division-Clinton St. Fair & Parade.

There was a big #StopTPP contingent in the 7-24 March for a Energy Revolution, and we were part of it! We shared TPP Free Zone info with marchers from Montana to Pennsylvania.

Go TPP Free
Good news!
More than 100 resolutions against the TPP have been passed or introduced at the state and local level. How about 100 more? To find out how to pass your own local resolution, see our TPP Free Zone page. 

Check out this map to see where resolutions and TPP Free Zones have passed or are in progress.
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More educational resources here.

To learn about our "Defending Water for Life" campaigns, visit our campaign page and these state campaign websites:

Our history: AfD and Barnstead NH protect water, rights of nature.

Voters Keep Nestlé Out of Cascade Locks
We were proud to support Local Water Alliance's work to block a proposed bottling plant in Cascade Locks, OR. With the votes in, a local ballot question to block water extraction has passed overwhelmingly! Read about it here.

Protecting a river and a people
The Penobscot Nation is fighting the state's claim that their lands do not include adjacent waters. "The Penobscot: Ancestral River, Contested Terretory," a new documentary by Sunlight Media Collective, looks at Penobscot history and organizing to keep the river a source of life rather than a resource to be exploited for profit.

"All Power...
...is inherent in the people; all free governments are founded in their authority and instituted for their benefit... they have therefore an unalienable and indefensible right to institute government and to alter, reform or totally change the same when their safety and happiness require it."
Article 1 & 2,
Maine Constitution

What are Local Food and Community Self Governance Ordinances?
maine food mapLocal Food and Community Self Governance Ordinances allow towns to protect the economic relationships between farmers, food producers and consumers by saying that the right to regulate sales and safety lies with town government, not with federal authorities who craft regulation to benefit big agriculture, factory farms, and industrial producers. These ordinances, now in force in 17 Maine towns, are part of a national food freedom movement, and a global push for food sovereignty. Click on the map to find out more.

Justice Rising
Our biannual publication highlights grassroots resistance to corporate rule

JR vol 6 issue 3 cover

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Your membership includes Justice Rising.

Some great writers have published in Justice Rising. See the Author Index here.

Local Rules for Local Food: Communities Hold On To Food, Tradition and Democracy
Following passage of Local Food and Community Self Governance Ordinances in several Maine towns, farmers and food policy advocates are organizing to protect food systems that embrace innovation and experimentation, restore ecosystems and work with nature, and put the human right to food ahead of agribusiness, agrochemical, and distributer profits, turning
local government into what Supreme Court Justice Brandeis famously termed “laboratories of democracy.”

This issue of Justice Rising looks at this growing movement to protect the traditional ways we produce, share, and sell food, and how defending foodways can catalyze action for economic justice, sustainability, and community rights.
Read the complete issue or download single articles. Our members get a free subscriptionjoin today!

Extra copies available! Call us at 781-894-1179 or email afd@thealliancefordemocracy.org.

Back issues of Justice Rising are online here.

Public Banking

Alliance for Democracy members and activists are working on local public banking projects in Boston, Portland OR, and Washington DC. We also published an edition of Justice Rising on "Banking for Maine Street, Not Wall Street," with articles by Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Ellen Brown, Ira B. Dember, Steve Seuser, Jeremy Mohler and Tom Sgouros, as well as Alliance writers and activists Ruth Caplan and Jim Tarbell. Our Public Banking page links you to that issue of Justice Rising, to the latest news, and to allies' websites.

"A Delcaration of Indignation"
Speaking out in Pennsylvania

Sticker that car, bike, bag!
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political bribery

See our "Tools for Organizing" page for the following:
•  "Corporate Bribery: Our Democracy is for Sale." Learn how big donations corrupt policymaking, politics, and elections here.
•  "Corporations are not People" explains corporate personhood and how we can take back our rights.
•  How-to's for street theater and visibility actions
•  Download and print a one-page flyer: "Political Bribery is Illegal"

Democratizing Tools for Sustainability and Community
Media, Development and the Commons

                                                view of farm

Tapestry of the

Tapestry of the Commons

•  Listen to the Tapestry of the Commons radio program
•  For a teacher workshop, or school or community group presentation contact the AfD office

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700,000 plus...
More than 700,000 sign petitions to the DNC Platform Committee on TPP, but will it be enough? And what's next?


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